“Who Is On Your Back Burner in 2020?”

By Marcia Harris - Contributing Columnist

Your happiness and prosperity is related directly to your priorities in life. I wonder “who” or what is first, second, third, or fourth on your life burners?

You normally place the important things, your family members or important tasks, on the front burner or your priority list to keep life running smoothly or successfully.

These persons or tasks are placed in your sight as they are directly connected with your positive attitude and motivation.

You may have often placed persons or actions which do not require your immediate attention on the back burner of your life. You may feel

“they are patient, that task can wait, or I can nurture myself later”.

You may also feel “ I must focus on what is in sight to keep up my daily routine and appearance that I am doing just fine.”

Let’s stop to see “who” or “what” is now on your back burner.

Let’s stop and take a moment to see “how long” they, it, or “you” have been ignored or neglected.

After your review of the neglected time, you may think and feel “Wow”. I have neglected myself or interest much too long! I must now change my focus in order to rebuild my value and to regain my true self.

You are absolutely right! It is definitely time to move yourself or your interest from the back burner into your direct sight. You finally realize that what you don’t use you certainly will lose!

Studies share and remind us that every cell and every organ has it’s clock; every cell and every organ needs its down time in order to repair, reset, and to regain it’s rhythm.

It is like an orchestra when all the musical instruments are in time and work together. It’s a melody and not a cacophony of sounds.

I challenge you this month in 2020; to view “who” and “what” is on your back burner. I challenge and encourage you to commit to rearranging your life burners placing you in direct site to ensure longevity and harmony in your life.

We have often been reminded over time that you cannot be good for others until you have learned to be good to yourself.

Jumpstart your brain; jumpstart your life in 2020!


By Marcia Harris

Contributing Columnist

Contact Marcia at endlessbrainenergy.com to share your story.

Contact Marcia at endlessbrainenergy.com to share your story.