Your Sense of Urgency

By Marcia Harris - Contributing Columnist

Marcia Harris

Marcia Harris

As you move into the holiday season viewing your workday, there are many times you may tell yourself “there’s no way I can achieve all of this in the allotted time.”

Why? Your mental calculations tell you how much time each activity or interaction may take and it seems impossible to do it all.

However, at the end of the day, you made it; you pulled it all together! You now wonder “How is this possible?”

Keep in mind, we have been reminded by studies and elders over and over again that you must stretch in order to grow!

Let’s take a moment now to imagine this scenario: you are about to leave on vacation and all of a sudden you have a burst of energy, and emotional determination, that you want your desk or home area clean before you take off. Out of nowhere, you begin focusing and completing tasks faster than you can imagine! Yes. Before you know it, in a limited time, your area is in good shape. You now wonder, how is this possible?

Let me share, it’s your amazing brain making multiple connections and visualizing your clean area or desk, completed calls, and even your completed packing! You have experienced “endless” brain energy prompted by an emotional desire to leave your area with a true reflection of you.

It’s your realization that time waits for no one and it is “now or never” to leave a good impression.

You wonder again, how was it possible to harness my mind and body to flow together; how can I create this sense of urgency again without extreme pressure?

Studies share that acting with a sense of urgency often occurs from visualizing and realizing an unpleasant situation, which may be very difficult to pull yourself out of, awaits you at the end of your road.

At this time, I would like to challenge you “right now, right now” to prompt your sense of urgency in order to live your best life.

I challenge you today to view a life situation prompting you to act with a sense of urgency.

How? You wonder. Take a moment to compare your current life situation to someone who has lost his or her health, job, family, or personal relationship through neglect or procrastination.

I wonder, is this the end you want for yourself?

If not, this is your opportunity “right here right now” to get busy acting with a sense of urgency to preserve your blessing.

Jumpstart your brain jumpstart your life!

Marcia Harris Harris

By Marcia Harris

Contributing Columnist

For additional questions or comments, contact Marcia Harris:

(740) 353-8056

For additional questions or comments, contact Marcia Harris:

(740) 353-8056