Do guns kill people?

By G. Sam Piatt - Contributing Columnist

I have yet to meet a gun that that could walk about on hind legs and pull its own trigger.

Yet some well-meaning people pushing for stronger gun laws in the wake of mass shootings seem to think that way. A ban on the sale of certain types of guns would somehow stop the slaughter of innocent, unarmed people.

The problem lies not with the gun but with the shooter, men who have succumbed to the evil desires of their heart. Some, before walking into a school, a church or a club to begin a random gunning down of anyone in their sights, have said they saw a light, or heard voices.

One of the very first miracles Jesus performed, as recorded in the Gospel of Mark, was to drive an evil spirit out of a man, a man who was seated in the very synagogue where Jesus was teaching.

If you don’t believe that a daemon could have possessed the shooter who entered the Wednesday night prayer meeting and shot and killed nine worshipers, with a handgun, then you probably do not believe the Bible is the inspired word of God.

One way to at least perhaps slow such random acts of violence might be background checks to find such people and exorcise their right to own a gun.

But there’s always a threat to freedom when police must enter a home to conduct checks.

The only way gun control will work is to take all guns from the public. You can’t take my neighbor’s guns and allow me to keep mine.

A total take-away may be the long-range goal of some of the gun-control organizations?

If the people of China had not allowed the dictator-controlled Communist government to disarm them they might be enjoying Democracy today.

Remember the Tiananmen Square tragedy happening in the spring of 1989? The public square, covering more than 100 acres in the heart of Beijing, was packed with students demonstrating for Democracy and human rights.

Only the military had guns, and an eight-man committee controlled the army. In the end, in what is remembered as the June Four Incident, the army, after the students went on a hunger strike and refused to disband, opened fire. Many peaceful demonstrators died that day.

But I, as a columnist writing about outdoor events, am getting outside my field of expertise.

Excuse me.

By G. Sam Piatt

Contributing Columnist

Reach G. SAM PIATT at or (606) 932-3619.

Reach G. SAM PIATT at or (606) 932-3619.