UNDERGROUNDArt is the cake

I found another message. THEY…were just here, on top of the Portsmouth Reservoir. There are little blue prize ribbons scattered about in the far corner of the Reservoir. I pick one up to read it. It reads, “N.W. – Evening for the Arts – Participation Award.” Participation art ribbons scatter on the Reservoir!? I can’t make this stuff up. Then I saw their note;


Dear Mr. Nick;

The word of the day is:

“Fringe” – adj.- Google definition #3 – “the outer, marginal, or extreme part of an area, group, or sphere of activity.”

THE MAN would have our society believe that being an artist is (in his words) “FRINGE.” Yes. He would have you believe that you (Artist/Creative) are part of; the other, the fray, the cultural purgatory, the island of misfit toys, the untouchables! UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN!

Like a Christmas elf who only ever wanted to be a dentist, he’ll have you believe you are alone on your journey of art – even worse than alone! – THE MAN will have you believe the loneliness is your own fault! He’ll say that your own selfish compulsion to be an artist led you to exile. THE MAN will call you part of the…FRINGE. Fear not, The Creative Underground is here to help you combat the lies of THE MAN.

THE LIE: “Artists are the fringes of society.” Literally. Like the fringes of a garment. You know, fringes, the parts of the garment that are (key word) UNNESSESARY, decorative add-ons. They’ll say we are the icing on the cake that makes the garment look a little prettier but is ultimately vanity.

But – THE MAN – overlooks one glaring detail. HA! It’s so simply when you see it. So clear! The truth is, art isn’t just the icing on the cake of life. Hear us – ART. IS. THE. CAKE. – Do you understand, Nick? No? Fine. Forget the cake example. Think about this; The reason art imitates life is because, life imitates art. This is a fundamental truth.


The Creative Underground.