Your best thinking

By Marcia Harris

You have often been reminded by success stories that your best thinking is responsible for your present position in life.

Yes! I wonder, if you could do it all over again how would you plan differently?

I wonder, how can you turn your consistent pattern of reacting to live in a new direction?

Your best thinking is often attributed to external forces such as being obligated to others. However, to obtain different results you must be determined to take a different path requiring more of you and less of others.

No more excuses. I am speaking first to myself!

Keep in mind studies reveal that in order to reach a higher position in life you must cease to blame others for your results.

Committing to your plan of action and visualizing the results you desire requires you to be in the driver seat depending on your time, your focus, and your actions.

You may pause and wonder, can I accomplish this alone? Of course not!

The key to your success is to surround yourself with others who have the knowledge and resources you need and lead them in your direction through sharing your common goal.

Once an understanding and common goal is established, their knowledge and resources along with your creativity will create a win-win for all involved.

In closing your “best thinking” is responsible for your position in life today.

In order to move toward your desired position in life, focus and act on your goal and encourage others with a common interest and resources to join in

to create a win-win for all involved.

By Marcia Harris

Reach Marcia Harris at www.endlessbrainenergy,com, or 740-353-8056

Reach Marcia Harris at www.endlessbrainenergy,com, or 740-353-8056