Milo (golden-doodle) and I set off on the same walking loop every morning at 8:00am. One morning, he starts barking at this cat halfway up an oak tree in the neighbor’s yard. I look closer, there’s an envelope in its mouth. I think, “The Creative Underground is using cats like messenger pigeons!” The feline drops the note and scurries up the branches out of sight. The note reads;


Dear Mr. Nick;

We at the Creative Underground feel the need to remind you to SCREAM. Maybe not literally. What we mean to say is, sometimes you should pour yourself out expressively – kind of like a scream.

If you ignore your emotions and do not process them, they will find a way to express themselves. Ever seen a sudden and uncontrollable fit of screaming? This is a negative kind of scream. In a dark way, this is still very expressive, maybe even be artistic. But this kind of theatre hurts and scares people.

But wait, there are good sorts of screaming too! Ever heard screaming music? Some say it’s just talent-less, angry music. But what could be more beautiful? They’re taking screaming, something frightening and often inappropriate, and redeeming it – making it a passionate work of art!

Consider this emotional act of expressive good; In the book of John, when Lazarus dies there is great grief amongst his loved ones. Indeed, even Jesus is shown to be overcome with grief at Lazarus’ death, and the when the news is delivered to him, “Jesus Wept.” But there’s more here. In the Greek, “Jesus Wept,” (in Ellicott’s Commentary) translates to something like, ‘He was angry in the spirt, and shuddering.’ – shuddering with anger! – From this place of deep pain, Christ performed an act of beauty. He immediately went to the tomb and, “IN A LOUD VOICE said, Lazarus come out!” If he did not scream…then he shouted.

Our point is this. It’s okay to pour yourself out emotionally. It’s okay even to scream, in the right context. Take your daily pain, and pour it fully onto the canvas. Get it out.