I sat inside at my desk, eyes burning and face glowing blue from long hours toiling in front of a computer monitor. Meanwhile, I can see outside my window that it is the glorious kind of day people write poetry about! Suddenly, a paper airplane soars through on a draft of wind and hits me square between the eyes kamikaze style. The Creative Underground strikes again! This is what their note reads.


Dear Mr. Nick;

We need not remind you that it is war time. As you know, all soldiers must undergo regular P.T. sessions. The Creative Underground needs to see you sweat! – Sweat? – Yes, sweat! It’s about time you crawl out of that cozy, uptown studio and cut your teeth in on the streets. – *drill sergeant voice* NOW GIVE ME 20! – Seriously though, you were made to move. It will improve your creativity. Here are 3 reasons you should exercise for the sake of your art.

Firstly, – newsflash! – you are a body. You are bones, blood, organs, and other squishy things. Without a body, you cannot create. So, care for your body if your care about your art. Exercise will increase your heart rate, which means more blood flow to the brain. More brain power = More art power.

Secondly, exercise will help you get out of your own head. Your brain is constantly chattering with unwelcomed voices. They’re kind of like an over critical board of directors just for you. One says, “ART? NO ROOM IN THE BUDGET.” Another says, “NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR ART, WHAT’S THE POINT?” Know how you quiet that down? Choke it out. When your gasping after a wind sprint, you can’t hear them.

Thirdly, regular exercise will give you the edge in this war. Your body is a ship for the passengers of imagination. Add some cannons! Regardless, if the ship is not maintained, the passengers are lost. Don’t try to become a professional athlete, just limber up a little. A better heart – for arts’ sake.

Love, The Creative Underground.