UNDERGROUNDThe secret letter

By Mark Richard

I’ve received another message from the Creative Underground. This time I found the letter in an empty coffee cup, sitting on the curb outside Super Quick. My only interest was to throw away some trash, feeling a little annoyed with such blatant litter. But something compelled me to check the contents of the cup and then – Behold! – Inside the cup was a note! I knew it had to be them again…the Creative Underground. Were they not concerned someone else would have found their secret note? Their approach is growing bolder. I now suspect that more people are in on this underground creative resistance than I previously expected. Given the circumstances, I find myself glancing over my shoulder more often. No one believes me. I also can’t help but notice, that these letters are almost always addressing what’s lacking in my own creative process. They are very personal. The letter is as follows:



Remember our enemies’ cleverness. The regime will enter our lives harmlessly enough with technology and convenience. Both good things. Yet, they are always calling for more of your most precious commodity as an artist; Your focus. Some in our ancient tradition call it… The Flow.

‘The Flow’ is an altered state of mind that we create best in. When you are ‘in ‘the flow’ you may experience some or all of the following benefits; losing track of time, the work itself feeling valuable, positive emotion, a sense of mission, a sense of purpose, increased energy.

The artist must find flow in their work, because the artist must be focused. Therefore, anything that is an enemy of flow should be regarded as an enemy of focus, and what is an enemy of focus, is an enemy of your art.

The black mirror, is public enemy #1 of art, focus, and flow.

The black mirrors are what we carry in our pockets. It is always beckoning for attention. Morning, noon, and night it calls, dings, flashes. The greatest genius of it, and the greatest danger, is that it produces a Counterfeit flow! How often have you gone to the waters of the black mirror to check a message or a notification, and it seizes you! Your focus is drained from you. 30 minutes pass and you hardly remember anything you did!

Beware this counterfeit flow, friends. Seek the pure, incorruptible flow of art and play. Practice this flow. You are able to spend more time there as your powers of focus strengthen. Our phones (Our black mirrors) are powerful tools. Give them their place. But more so, seek the pure flow of nature, movement, books, music, writing and blank canvas’ first.

When you find your focus, you will find your flow.

Then, you will know what it is to create art again!

Love, The Creative Underground.

P.S. Focus.


By Mark Richard