UNDERGROUNDAlways define your terms

By Mark Richard



Google definition #3 – “a group or movement organized secretly to work against an existing regime.”

I am just the messenger. The letters and messages and whispers that I receive come from the creative underground. The creative underground is a place made manifest by our collective desires to express. The ‘existing regime’ that the creative underground is ‘secretly working against’ goes by many names. Here are a few for you to be aware of; uninspired, mundane, writers-block, passionless, resistance. The creative underground aims to wake you up to anything that hinders the pure flow of positive creation in your life.

This is the message I received today. It’s for you.

08-14-2019_2:28PM_Creative Underground (Portsmouth, Div.)_Archive_001_Hello

To whom it may concern:

Be aware. The regime has been working steadily to convince you that neglecting your art is entirely excusable…As you know, the best lies are half-truths. Here are 3 whispers we’ve recently picked up on.

Whisper #1 “Art isn’t paying your bills.”

Neither is that streaming service that has its hooks in you for three hours every evening. They don’t seem to mind that for some reason.

Whisper #2 “Being an artist is a sort or prolonged adolescence. Everyone…everyone used to draw when they were a kid, or make up imaginary stories and act them out. Grow up! Become an adult! Adopt some repsponsibility!”

Their appeal to responsibility is tricky here. They use words like ‘become’, tempting you to think that they really just want you to become the best version of yourself. But what if the best version of yourself is your inner child. Truly play, and be free again.

Whisper #3 “Artists live for drama. No wonder you never fix any of the problems in your life, you;re too busy making art about them! All you’re doing is making road signs that say “BUMP” when instead you should be fixing the bump.”

Ah. maybe you think they’ve got you this time with their cruel practicality. But this is why we are here friend. The underground can assist you in the fight against the regime of the uninspired! Ask them right back, “What is good art, but positive self-reflection? Would you suggest that we should only act, like creatures of pure instinct, without first meditating on the proper path?

Yours from the underground,

P.S: Create


By Mark Richard