Reader: Don’t rush to pass gun laws

ByKaren Arbaugh - Wheelersburg

To the Editor,

One morning recently I watched an interview of Donald Trump Junior on television. Due to unfortunate current events, I believe his warning is worth noting. We should not rush to pass new gun laws, and he gave the reason with an example. Suppose your neighbor did not like you and made a false report to the law that you were a suspicious character and should not have your legally owned weapon for your protection or for your family and property. Therefore you were apprehended and hauled off and evaluated by some unscrupulous lying psychologist who labeled you as “having mental health issues”. Who’s going to believe you then? Not very funny.

These scammers intimidate and try to trick their victims with lies, slander and by writing libelous statements about them causing them much grief and damage. And yes, it could take you five years and thousands of dollars in legal fees to prove it’s all untrue. We should not give the government this weaponized power to infringe on our constitutional right of self-defense. This is precisely what has already happened to the innocent, under the present laws we have right now. Who is going to stand up for our rights against this terrible slander and unjust power-grab for money, property and control? It’s certainly worth consideration.

ByKaren Arbaugh