Betty Montgomery is my Ohio heroine

By Melissa Martin

If the Energizer Bunny had a name—it would be Betty D. Montgomery. She is a humanitarian. She is a role model for budding female politicians. She is a woman of courage, compassion, and commitment. Betty is both gracious and gritty.

Ohio’s first female Attorney General. Her top priority was the protection of Ohio’s seniors, youth, and crime victims. Montgomery aided in the “Circleville 30” investigation—a fake home improvement scheme that targeted senior citizens.

My admiration for Montgomery bloomed after attending the first Two Days in May Victims Assistance Conference in 1991.Two Days in May is an annual training event in Columbus, Ohio, where victim advocates from around the state receive updates about best practices, trends, and developments in the field, network with colleagues who also care about victims, and honor those who are doing exceptional work.

“Montgomery also worked to establish a state DNA database to help catch and convict repeat criminals. She probably was best known for her efforts to protect Ohio consumers from fraudulent businesses.”

Montgomery served for twenty-six years in the following elected positions: Ohio Auditor of State (2003-07); Ohio Attorney General (1995-03); State Senator for District 2 (1989-95); and Wood County Prosecuting Attorney (1981-89).

Montgomery has been honored many times for her civic and political achievements, including the Robert E. Hughes Memorial Award, the Black Swamp Humanitarian Award, the Ohio Hospice Senator of the Year, the Medical College of Ohio Distinguished Citizen Award, Government Leaders Against Drunk Driving, WSOS Community Action Committee Certificate of Appreciation, the Wood County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Distinguished Service Award, the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association Resolution of Honor, and the Wood County School Administrators Outstanding Service Award. Information from the Ohio Women’s Policy and Research Commission.

In 2006, she ran for Ohio’s governor’s seat, but did not secure the Republican Party’s nomination. A big mistake for Ohioans. We needed her as Governor of Ohio.

Democrat Mark Dann defeated Montgomery in a close election for Ohio’s attorney general in 2006. Another big mistake for Ohioans. Dann resigned from office in 2008—let’s not rehash that dark period in Ohio.

Newly-elected Ohio Attorney General David Yost has asked Betty to lead his transition team.

In 2019, Montgomery, along with the current and former Ohio Attorneys General, is urging the Ohio General Assembly to eliminate the state’s statute of limitations on rape.

Montgomery is still advocating for victims of crime. You go gritty girl!

According to a 2019 article in the Sentinel Tribune, Montgomery is running her private law practice, a consulting company and serves on several boards and foundations.

Montgomery was born on April 3, 1948, in Fremont, Ohio. Donald Trump was 71 years-old when he was elected President of the USA. Betty, the country needs you as the first female President of the Untied States of America! You are 71 years young.

What’s another goal on my Bucket List? Buying lunch for my Ohio heroine, Betty D. Montgomery.

By Melissa Martin