Keep the golf course

By Barbara A. Lund - Lynx, OH

On the evening of Thursday, May 16, I attended a public meeting held by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at the Shawnee State Park lodge, Nile Township.

The meeting was about the Shawnee State Park golf course located between the Ohio River and US highway 52 about ten miles west of Portsmouth.

In my opinion, the meeting was a waste of both time and money. It was also a waste of an opportunity for constructive dialog between the state and the local citizens.

The meeting was so poorly conceived and ran that only another and different meeting will remedy this failure.

The state has indicated its interest and intent to either get rid of the golf course or make different use of the land.

The meeting apparently was intended to obtain a public survey of different uses.

There were three elected officials at the meeting, the state senator, state representative, and one Scioto County Commissioner. There were about 12 state employees and about 20 local citizens.

I and several of the citizens believe that the land should stay as a golf course. There are many reasons.

This golf course serves a recreational need not available elsewhere. It’s flat, easy for average golfers. It belongs to everyone in the state. It is close to the lodge for out-of-town visitors. It is used by local schools and their student golf teams.

I am very concerned about taking something away from our children, our youth.

I believe that climate change is now a crisis problem for which there is no solution, only accommodation. I believe the reports that we only have until 2030 to get things right. We won’t and things will collapse.

We have taken away the long-term future for our children. We should not take away their present.

Keep the golf course for our children for another ten years or for as long as we can.

Without a solution to climate change consequences, let’s make the best accommodation we can for the present and near ten years future.

Barbara A. Lund

Lynx, OH

By Barbara A. Lund

Lynx, OH