Reader: Constitution protects Muslims

By John DiTraglia MD, - Portsmouth

It didn’t make sense or I didn’t understand the editorial of Tim Throckmorton of Saturday April 6th – “The premise predicament.” But I think I would disagree.

We have freedom of religion enshrined in our constitution. That means you are allowed to be a Muslim in the United States. Does that mean that they should be allowed to treat their women very badly – cover their entire bodies in public or be imprisoned inside the home or undergo sexual mutilation?

I think Christians also do things that should not be allowed like coercive treatment to de-program homosexuals. In our predominantly Christian country, homosexuality used to be a capital offense and we had racial slavery for too long. Jesus seems to have accepted the normality of slavery too.

This is admittedly a difficult debate but I think as a nation we are moving overall in the right direction despite the hopefully short term regression of the Trump voters.

By John DiTraglia MD,