Service industry has high demand for workers

By Stan Jennings, - Superintendent - Scioto County Career Technical Center

Workforce is defined as the labor pool in employment, and as such the labor pool is made up of various individuals that have differing skillsets meeting the needs of the society. One of the main areas of workforce is in the service industry which comprises a very large and very in-demand set of workers.

The service industry is any industry that produces value that is primarily intangible such as customer service, management, advice, knowledge, design, data and experiences. Advanced economies are experiencing a long term shift whereby service industries are becoming a larger component of economic output relative to other industries such as manufacturing and agriculture. As the definition implies there are many differing examples of service industry jobs available in a workforce, with a constant being that service jobs may evolve, but they will not become obsolete.

Service industry positions cross many pathways of training and expertise. A person in a service position (and creating that workforce) is generally taught how to provide a skillset and then the created skillset outcome is delivered to the consumer and marketplace. An example of this would be the culinary industry where that a server or Cook/Chef provides food to the marketplace after being given instruction in how to prepare and deliver that food.

Service positions have always been in-demand in our society and in most cases the base of work for much of a person’s daily activity. Whether the delivery of; entertainment or media, technology or healthcare, services or goods, service positions are considered critical. When we look into the in-demand jobs for 2019 we see the usual suspects such as; fast food preparations, Janitors and material movers. We also see emerging positions such as Personal Care Aides and Software Systems Developers. These combined with changes in some fields due to new certifications to qualify for employment (medical field, and CDL for material moving), lend itself for the employee to have options within the employer’s marketplace. Other new positions slated into 2022 include fields such as Computer Systems Analysts and manufacturing production and sales as areas that are both in demand and emerging with technology.

Services jobs are central to most fields of employment and workforce. As such what is key for service sectors is the ability to produce a product at a desired rate that the marketplace will tolerate. And the production is directly related to the skillsets being brought to the table by the workforce.

By Stan Jennings,


Scioto County Career Technical Center