The benefits of your circulation

By Marcia Harris

As you move into the spring season you will notice movement and life is springing up all around you.

Let me remind you that movement and circulation go hand-in-hand and are required for your mental and physical wellness.

Studies indicate that your body cell renewal occurs approximately every 21 days.

Yes! Keep in mind you that your mental and physical wellness depends upon your “healthy” cells.

How? You wonder. Your healthy cells circulate oxygen and nutrition throughout your blood stream.

Your circulation carries away bacteria and free radicals from processed food and chemicals . These impurities can destabilize your healthy cells causing poor circulation which allows disease and pain to set in as your destabilized cells lose their ability to move freely and wash out impurities.

Be alert! Your body and mind may begin to adjust and accept your sluggishness and poor circulation. Yes, Studies show that you may often attribute our sluggishness and poor circulation to your lack of sleep and overwork.

Let’s pause for a moment. Let me remind you that studies reveal that your lack of sleep and overwork may be related to the cause. However; the main reason for poor circulation is lack of movement and exercise.

Let me share that recent studies reveal the key to maintaining good circulation and reaping the benefits of a healthy body and mind is moving and stretching “every” hour. Hourly stretching increases cell circulation in your muscles and bones and reduces stiffness. Remember good blood circulation carries away impurities.

In addition, exercising 20 to 25 minutes three to five times a week helps you to maintain your healthy heart, bones. and muscles.

I’m here today to challenge you to commit to stretching 60 seconds every hour and slowly working up to 25 to 30 minutes a week of cardiovascular exercise.

What! (you think). Yes, I am challenging you!

Keep in mind, I will be glad to be your accountability partner to get you started.

Why? In supporting you I also support my belief, my personal experience,as well as the Journal of Nutrition,, and Journal of Neuroscientific Research

In closing, studies show the benefits of good circulation (through stretching,walking, and weight lifting) are (1) healthier cell renewal, (2)decreased impurities in your bloodstream,(3)stronger bones and muscles with increased flexibility and (4) increased focus and mental energy.

The good news is this is a recipe for good health. It is difficult for disease and impurities to settle in when you have the physical circulation and mental focus to fight it!

Each committed day leads to a stronger you!

Jumpstart your brain;jumpstart your life!

By Marcia Harris

Marcia Harris is a contributing columnist for the Daily Times.

Marcia Harris is a contributing columnist for the Daily Times.