Your season of thanks and giving

By Marcia Harris

Your season of thanks and giving begins with you.

History and success stories share that you cannot give more than you receive. During this holiday season of giving you may feel you have very little to give due to your demanding schedule and financial responsibilities.

Keep in mind that success stories share it is best to develop a mindset of giving each day if you plan to represent value and purpose. Repetition leads to change.

Your giving comes in many forms with service at the top of the list. Your service has a lasting effect and value in the hearts and minds of those who receive the benefits from your acts of kindness and encouragement.

We are reminded by the Good Book and Napoleon Hill (Author of Think and Grow Rich) that whatever the mind can conceive or believe the mind can achieve.

I encourage you today to put no limits on your desires to give. I encourage you to take a moment to visualize the lasting benefits for those involved.

Albert Einstein stated “The imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions”. Once your amazing brain (those 100 billion neurons) feels and sees your passion, it will get busy creating a plan of action to make your vision a reality.

I would like to share the results of my vision to speak or give through servicing at the Steve Harvey “Act Like a Success” Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

I decided I wanted to speak or be of service at the Steve Harvey “Act Like a Success” Conference.

Initially, my desire seemed unrealistic. However, the more I thought about it, the more my mind (that amazing brain with 100 billion neurons) became busy creating a plan of action.

I decided to pick up the phone and connect with the contact person.

The contact person shared there were no speaking proposal opportunities. The conference speakers had been selected through to a different process.

I courageously added I was passionate about connecting with positive people and felt my presence as a conference team member would be beneficial to both the team as well as the participants.

As a result of our conversation, I was requested to submit a proposal for a valuable conference team member. To my surprise, I received an email within two to three days congratulating me on being a part of the Steve Harvey conference team.

Earlier I stated that history and success stories share you cannot give more than you receive. That information remains true today. I immediately imagined giving and giving during the entire conference period. I did not consider that I would be receiving. To my surprise, throughout the conference, I

received supportive words and appreciation from the Steve Harvey team as well as the participants from the conference sessions for my positive mindset and assistance.


In summarizing, I received much more that I could give in serving.1000

In conclusion, I encourage you to remember this is your season for thanks and giving. I encourage you to imagine you giving with the end result in mind. Now sit back and watch your amazing brain get busy creating your plan of action! Now get busy to create your reality through your steps and work,


In closing, keep in mind you cannot give more than you receive!

Have a great month of change!1

“Jump start your brain; jump start your life!”

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By Marcia Harris