When life reminds us that we don’t have a clue

By Steve Wickham

When life bears its teeth for absolutely no reason at all (or at least it seems that way) we have a choice to make. And likewise, when we cannot believe the fortunate situation we’ve been blessed to enter, we find ourselves bewildered – in the very best of ways.

We think we know all we need, until that moment arrives, when we need more than we could ever know or think. Yet, still we hope, because there’s choice. God reminds us at times, for our own good, through the circumstances of our lives, that many situations of life we haven’t got a clue about. There’s still a choice.

Everything mean happens for a reason, even if that reason happens to mean everything seems to make no sense at all. In this, too, hope is possible, because there’s choice. There’s always a choice.

Choice is a powerful thing. When we feel we have choice, options open up, and, even where there are no options, we feel more empowered, and hopefulness, through a peace that transcends our understanding, abides.

When life, or an area of life, is completely shrouded in doubt, it’s never more important to feel there’s choice. If we cannot see the choice we have, we’re not thinking laterally enough.

Where there’s choice there’s hope.


Life reminds us often enough that we don’t have a clue. But there is One who does. And that’s all that matters. Blessed are they who can accept this. There’s no point in not accepting it.

The real beauty of life is its unpredictability that ought to inspire wonder rather than fear. And the only thing that stands between a wonder-response and a fear-response is the response of choice to choose for hope.

When life throws us a curve ball, we have the choice to transcend our aloneness, and live by the choice of hope


By Steve Wickham