Weight watchers without weight watching

In line with what we said in this column 2 weeks ago, that there seems to be a tectonic shift under way from trying to loose weight or change your shape, because that doesn’t happen in reality, to being “well” at whatever shape God gave you, Weight Watchers is changing it’s name to WW, one double-u on top of the other, kind of like the VW logo. But the WW stands for “Wellness that Works.” (TM) The watching of weight is gone. (1,2)

I don’t know much about Weight Watchers but it seems to be about group therapy, using a point system to decide what to eat and many proprietary food products. According to their CEO Mindy Grossman, weight watchers has been “the best healthy, sustainable weight loss program on the planet.” It has been around for 65 years and recently added Oprah Winfrey to its board in 2015 to bolster dropping revenues which seems to be working because Oprah is good at that. But if they are the best and weight loss is not happening…?

Ms. Grossman also says that WW is “the biggest proponent of body positivity in the world” and won’t tell people what they should weigh.

Another big deal that they are planning is to take all of the artificial sweeteners out of their line of food products.

One further sign of the times is that Dunkin’ Donuts is starting to take “donuts” out of it’s name and just be “dunkin’.” What is this world coming to?

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