Manifestation: why doesn’t the law of attraction work?

By Oliver JR Cooper

Ever since a certain film was released over a decade ago, it has resulted in a lot of people being aware of the so-called ‘law of attraction’. At its root, this law basically says that our thoughts create our reality.

So, in order for someone to create their ideal life, the only thing they will need to do is to make sure that they have the right thoughts in each moment of their life. Through focusing their mind in this way, it will only be a matter of time before their perfect life starts to materialise.

A Mixed Response

There appears to be plenty of people in the world who have been able to create a fulfilling life by controlling the thoughts that they have. Consequently, this has meant that they are firm believers in this law.

However, while there are plenty of people who are in this position, there appears to be just as many, if not more, who are in a very different position. Trying to create a better life by only having positive thoughts might have just caused them to feel even worse than they did before they came across this law.

One Outlook

One way of looking at this would be to say that the main difference between these two groups of people is that one can group can focus their mind but the other group can’t. Thus, if the people in the second group were able to improve their mental focus, their life would change.

Another way of looking at it would be to say that there is more to this than just having the right thoughts, and that the reason the people in the first group have been successful with this law is because of how they feel about what they want to attract. In other words, not only will their thoughts be in alignment with what they want, but so will their feelings.

Two Parts

It is then not that someone’s thoughts create their life; this is simply a half-truth. The way for someone to make the law of attraction to work for them will then be to focus the thoughts that are in their mind and to experience the right feelings in their body.

When these two forces combine, it will enable them to experience the life that they want to experience. For this to take place, someone will probably need to use a lot of willpower, and this can be incredibly tiring.

Not the Answer

Once their mind and body are working together in this way, they may find that it is only a matter of time before certain parts of their life start to change. The momentum will build and, after a few months have passed, it could be as though their life has been completely transformed.

Then again, they may find that they are only able to have the ‘right’ thoughts and feelings for so long each day. In one moment they might feel great and then in another, after having run out of willpower, they could fall right down.

A Downward Spiral

They are then going to be on one side of the emotional spectrum or they will be on the other, and this is naturally going to cause them to send out mixed signals. Along with this, they can end up lambasting themselves for not being positive.

There is then going to be how they feel once they fall down and there will be the negative self-talk that follows soon after. At this point, someone might wonder what their life would be like if it just flowed and they didn’t need to use so much force.

Inner Conflict

When someone needs to use a lot of willpower to try to experience what they desire, it can show that their unconscious mind is not on board with what their conscious mind wants. The conscious mind – the part of them that has very little power compared with their unconscious mind – is then going to try to make everything happen through force. The difference between these two minds is similar to the difference between a person who is trying to push a car up a hill and a person who is driving a car up a hill. The person trying to push the car represents the conscious mind and the person who is driving the car represents the unconscious mind.

A Huge Challenge

A small part of someone is then going to be trying to force a bigger, far more powerful part of them to do something. The bigger part of them will be more interested in keeping things the same than living a fulfilling life, with this part of them associating what is familiar with what is safe.

On top of this, some of the things that someone wants to attract might not be in alignment with their true essence, simply being a reflection of their need to avoid how they feel, for instance. Therefore, if they felt different, they might no longer want to attract certain things, and, they might even find that their need to change their circumstances starts to disappear, allowing them to truly embrace the present moment.


One way for someone to align their conscious mind with their conscious mind, or for their head and body to work together, it to heal the trauma that is within their body. This trauma is likely to be what is making it hard for them to change their life and it can be what is causing them to desire things that have no relevance to who they really are.

The idea of having what we want, when we want it and feeling good all the time can be very attractive, as it appeals to the part of us that wants to avoid pain and to be the centre of the universe. Going deep within ourselves and healing our wounds is painful, but it is what will enable us to live a more fulfilling life.

By Oliver JR Cooper