The mysterious healing place

Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

Where is healing born? Mind, body, spirit. Physicians do not heal the body, psychiatrists do not heal the mind, priests do not heal the soul — helping professionals are but mere catalysts.

Medicine does not heal; it is a treatment tool as well. Cough syrup and aspirin does not cure the common cold, but aids the symptoms. The human body heals itself by eliminating the virus via the immune system. Medication, sleep, rest, and chicken soup abet the process.

But, where is the healing place for mental illness? To find it do we have to find the disease place first? What makes the mind unwell? An overabundance of jealousy, greed, guilt, worry, rage, revenge, grief? Rejection, betrayal, isolation? Earthly sufferings? Genetics? Failed relationships? Is stress and distress the culprit of mental illness?

If certain emotions can make us sick, then can certain emotions make us well (joy, love, excitement, laughter)? Is forgiveness of self and others the healing tonic? Is healing found in self-love and disease found in self-hatred? Can healing be found in our search for meaning and significance?

How does resiliency affect healing? Support systems, motivation, persistence, hope, attitude, courage, expectations, personality, purpose in life.

Could the brain hold the key to the healing door? Or is it the body? Does a healing agent reside within each individual?

Could it be that the wellspring of healing bubbles up from positive thoughts? Where is this mysterious healing place located? Deep in the recesses of the brain cells where biochemical reactions take place or in the reshaping of synaptic pathways at the molecular level. Do brain substances fuse together to cook a healing juice that flows through the circulatory system to all parts of the mind, body, and spirit?

The invention of psychiatric medication was life-changing. Is healing in the shape of a pill? What and where are the healing potions? Inside of us? Outside of us? Both? Is the potency of belief more powerful than medication?

Vitamins, minerals, herbs, roots, nutritional food, bottled water. Sun, moon, sea, fresh air, land. Is planet earth the great physician and are we destroying its medicinal properties with pollution?

Does the human connection jumpstart the healing process? Accepting hope, encouragement, kindness, love, caring, understanding, unconditional acceptance, warmth, and genuineness from others. Could healing be a social event? Is healing found in human relationships? Perhaps hope in humanity rejuvenates the self. Is agape love the solution?

Celestial or terrestrial. Is healing found in Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius? Is healing achieved by way of meditation, prayer, chanting, singing? Is healing found in justice or mercy?

Is the healing place located in a counseling office, atop a Colorado mountain, a hospital room, beside a stream, or in heavenly places? Is healing found in a book of poetry, music, painting a picture, dancing, or in creativity?

What do physical healing, psychological healing, and spiritual healing have in common?

And what if healing does not come? That’s another topic.

Science of medicine, art of psychology, and theology of religion/spirituality partner in the healing dance of illness.

But, I still say that healing is a mysterious process and lives in a mysterious place.

Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

Melissa Martin, Ph.D., is an author, self-syndicated columnist, educator and therapist. She resides in Scioto County, Ohio. Contact her at

Melissa Martin, Ph.D., is an author, self-syndicated columnist, educator and therapist. She resides in Scioto County, Ohio. Contact her at