Trust internal navigation

By Michele Zirkle - Contributing columnist

I barely turned the wheel. I was running 75 mph and don’t know how I avoided the tree straddling the road 40 feet ahead. No crash. No scratching along the side of my car. The most abrasive sound was in my head as I grappled with the question of how I’d entirely missed that tree.

We expect our cars to respond within seconds, but not to instantaneously avoid an imminent accident, but often with divine intervention they do, and that single moment changes the course of our journey. Maybe we should pivot our attitudes just as quickly when we feel guided, especially, when we see the direction our day is taking or the life we envision slipping away.

Awareness provides opportunity for change, whether it be growth or regression, what seems the most insignificant choice in our daily lives can alter our lives dramatically just like the slightest turn of the wheel can.

Maybe we should accept that gut feeling that tells us something we are about to do or say is not in our best interest, instantly switching our attitude and our actions to match the feeling in our hearts.

How do we do this — live every moment to the fullest with full expression of self and our desires without being reckless and without making choices with little regard for the consequences? How can we be brave enough to dismiss the judgmental opinions of others and express our ideas in unconventional ways? By instantly recognizing the advice from the inner sage that lives inside us and by making decisions that are true to our feelings in each moment.

I’ve found I regret less and feel peace more when I am truly present in each moment. This means I am not thinking of the past, nor planning the future. It means I am focused on the conversation I’m in and thoroughly breathing in the salty sea breeze on the beach or tasting my succulent salmon. Beyond simple pleasures becoming more pleasurable, each decision made from us when we are fully-conscious with an open heart creates situations that match our authentic desires.

Opportunities we hadn’t considered present themselves when we root into the recess of joy we are all born with that lies within the seat of our souls in our solar plexus. People and events that correspond to the very vibration of our cells gravitate to us when we live authentically and totally in the moment.

Power is inherent in the present — and only in the present. The past and future wield no power over us if we aren’t living there — if our consciousness is residing in our physical body in the present. The power to create, avoid and build lies in each breath.

The power to steer yourself into another lane, off the road or onto a completely alternate highway is at your fingertips. The wheel is in your hands. Just remember, the decision to alter your reality and change course will seem effortless when you notice the scenery is not to your liking and you are ready to live your passion and trust your internal navigation system.

By Michele Zirkle

Contributing columnist

Michele Zirkle is a native of Meigs County, Ohio, author of “Rain No Evil” and host of Life Speaks on AIR radio. She can be reached at [email protected]

Michele Zirkle is a native of Meigs County, Ohio, author of “Rain No Evil” and host of Life Speaks on AIR radio. She can be reached at [email protected]