Cat fishing takes on a new angle

Drifting the weedbeds on Rondeau Bay

G. Sam Piatt

From Grayson, Ky., comes a quite unusual cat fishing story.

Details come from Sue Lyons, an employee of Commercial Bank of Grayson.

Her husband, Steve, loves to bass fish. He kept his bass boat parked under the carport at their home, and he began checking it out in anticipation of the coming season.

He opened one of the compartments and you can imagine his surprise when a cat jumped out!

“When he looked, there were three baby kittens inside the compartment,” Sue said. “We left them alone for a few days, and then got them a box and moved them under the carport.”

Typical of mother cats, she didn’t like the arrangement, and so she moved the kittens out.

“We saw her around the neighborhood, but didn’t have any idea where she’d moved her babies to,” Sue said.

Steve and his fishing buddy, Paul Crum, took the boat to Grayson Lake. Paul went to get the bass net out of one of the compartments. He was scared half out of his wits when out jumped momma cat!

Scared momma, too, for she jumped out of the boat and into the lake.

Steve grabbed the net, managed to get her in it, and got her back into the boat. They continued fishing, keeping the net over the cat until they got back home.

Sue said, “We never saw her after that, but we hoped she got back with her babies, wherever they were.”

Off to Dale Hollow

On a Monday in mid-May, Steve and his son-in-law, Leonard Dixon, left for a week’s fishing vacation to Dale Hollow Lake.

During the week they had some decent bass fishing success, boating about 15 largemouth going up to 18 inches.

Dale Hollow, a 27,000-acre lake located on the Kentucky-Tennessee border, is noted for its smallmouth bass from the mouth of the Wolfe River on downstream and up, but the upper reaches produce more largemouth.

Meow, meow

It was on Friday as the trip was winding down when Leonard heard something like a cat.

They started looking and found all three very hungry kittens in the compartment!

Back in Grayson, the Lyons found homes for two of the kittens. Momma cat decided she didn’t want anything to do with the third, so they were still looking for a home for it.

“By the way,” Sue said, “I don’t like cats. And Steve has never liked catfishing. He doesn’t like to clean them.”

To the seniors

Let me grow lovely, growing old –

So many fine things to do;

Laces and ivory, and gold,

And silks need not be new.

And there is healing in old trees,

Old streets a glamor hold;

Why may not I; as well as these,

Grow lovely, growing old?

— Karle Wilson Baker
Drifting the weedbeds on Rondeau Bay

G. Sam Piatt

Reach G. Sam Piatt at or 606-932-3619.

Reach G. Sam Piatt at or 606-932-3619.