Newspapers provide good, honest news

To the editor:

I read Melissa Martin’s article “Support a Daily Newspaper” in The Bryan Times issue of April 3.

It bothers me that people are not buying subscriptions to the daily newspapers. I find it is hard to talk to people about issues of the day when they do not read a newspaper and obtain the current events on the Internet, etc. I well remember during World War II how difficult it was to obtain the news, except by Stars & Stripes. You only gave up an issue when you exchanged it with someone else. I still have copies of Stars & Stripes.

I am 95 years of age, and have subscriptions to The Bryan Times, Toledo Blade, Wall Street Journal and Kenton Times. I do not read the entire paper, just those that interest me, except I do read the editorial page of all the papers. I do not own any electric equipment, such as a computer, etc. I do depend on TV for weather reports for each day. I would love to subscribe to The Washington Post, but they do not deliver in this area.

Again, Melissa, keep up the good work to support the press for good, honest news. I really enjoyed your article.

Albert H. Holm Jr.

Bryan, Ohio