Human beans

By Dudley Wooten - PDT Columnist

“There is a wisdom in this beyond the rules of physic: a man’s own observation, what he finds good of, and what he feels hurt of is the best physic to preserve health.” – Francis Bacon, Regimen of Health

This is the month of May and I’m starting to see a decline in my health. We don’t appreciate our health until it fails. This is human nature and we’re all human “beans.” When we’re young and healthy, we assume that’s the way life is meant to be. As we put a few miles on our moccasins, we either notice a gradual or drastic change in health or our attitude toward it. If our health continues to be good, we have to wonder how long will this last or when and how drastically will it change?

“It is better to lose health like a spend thrift, than to waste it like a miser.” – R.L. Stevenson

I have been blessed with a life of good health. This could be good genes, environment, habits, or it could be luck. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

This has been my journey (fat, dumb, and happy) thus far, oblivious to hospitals, doctors, etc., but for the month of May things have been different.

It all started with a painful night and a trip to the E.R the next day. This involved X-ray and CT scan which concluded severe blockage in the intestine, inflamed gall bladder, kidney stones, gall stones, and fluid under the right lung.

The pain was gone after a week but a bad cough persisted several weeks. After numerous hospital and doctor visits, and tests, we now conclude that I’m much better and we’re now (at 30 days) starting to plan on whatever procedures we might do to “fine tune” my health.

I may or may not deal with those procedures – I think I’m on the right road now. If I’m feeling better and the CT scans verify that, why mess with progress. Yes, I went from feeling great to weak and back to OK. I went from a 12 hour day to a 6 hour day and now I’m doing 8 – 10 hour days.

I’ve spent a life time of eating anything and not working out. This is offset by working 12 hours a day in a very active, physical way.

It’s never a good time to feel bad but for a landscaper spring might be the worst time to be hampered or distracted with health issues.

“Measure your health by your sympathy with morning and spring.” – H.D. Thoreau -Journal 2-25-1859

Really, is it asking too much to feel your age? No, I wouldn’t think so and 39 sounds about right to me.

May the forest be with you.

By Dudley Wooten

PDT Columnist

Dudley Wooten is the owner/operator of Wooten’s Landscaping and Nursery and can be contacted at 740-820-8210.

Dudley Wooten is the owner/operator of Wooten’s Landscaping and Nursery and can be contacted at 740-820-8210.