Determining value in your season of giving

By Marcia Harris

You have often heard “You cannot give more that you receive”.

However, Thanksgiving and our holiday season of giving often times adds pressure to your mind and budget. You may find yourself faced with decisions on whether to travel, how much to give, and to whom to give.

You wonder, “shall I pay my regular expenses before or after the season of giving.” You fear, once again, that you will go over board and suffer the consequences of not having enough to balance your needs and your desire to give.

Often times we associate the size or dollar amount with the value of our gift or contribution. Let’s stop right here, right now, to develop a new mindset for value.

In determining value, it is important to ask yourself “will my gift still have value in five years? Will my gift add to the confidence and self-image of my friend or loved one? Is my gift a reflection of what I see in them?

The questions you ask yourself should also reflect what you would like to receive in a gift. I imagine you also what to possess a gift that holds it value and makes you feel confident holding or wearing it.

Now that you have determined what represents lasting value, you are ready to re-evaluate your shopping list. You will be surprised at the new choices you have made! You will be surprised at the price change. Special gifts from the heart add confidence with an enhanced self- image. Your gift to others reflects the beauty and strength someone sees in you.

You will discover that the meaning behind the gift is greater that the dollar amount. You will discover that you are able to balance your regular expenses with your gifts.

Keep in mind that your friends and loved ones may often prefer quality time versus material things or an excellent home-cooked meal versus a gift card.

We are often reminded that you cannot give more than you receive. As you give freely with value, the emotions of excitement, anticipation, and appreciation will jumpstart your mind (your amazing brain) and spirit as well as the mind and spirit of your loved one or friend. The end result is the urge to continually give value which results in positive emotions and healthy relationships leading to great results.

I encourage you this month to keep in mind that you cannot give more than you receive when you add value to your list.

Have a great season of change!

By Marcia Harris

To share your story of comment, contact Marcia Harris at 740 353 8056, or

To share your story of comment, contact Marcia Harris at 740 353 8056, or