Farewell Howard

Melissa Martin - Children’s Picture Book Author - Wheelersburg

To the editor,

This letter is a tribute to Howard, the Literate Fish, who lived in his aquarium home on the counter at the checkout desk at the Portsmouth Public Library. Howard recently died. I met Howard, the Library Fish, at the Portsmouth Public Library’s Local Author Showcase in October. Howard instantly came to the glass and looked at me. I took his picture with my cell phone and then held up a picture book. Howard swam back and forth as if he was reading. And that’s how he got his title of Literate Fish – that’s what a librarian told me. It’s surreal that a small goldfish could bring conversation, smiles, laughter, and warm feelings to the patrons, library staff, and visitors. Children, teens, and adults adored Howard. This lovable fish will be missed. Thank you Howard for the joy you brought during your life and thank you to the library staff for allowing Howard to make his home at the library.

Melissa Martin

Children’s Picture Book Author