Thank you for your support

Ron Caldwell - Lucasville

Dear Editor,

The American Legion in Lucasville recently collected supplies and funds for the relief effort in Texas. An unbelievable amount was collected. I was not surprised. We have reached out to our community before during a crisis and they have always responded. I saw an individual hand over a thousand dollars while another gave a dollar and some pocket change. More churches than I can count donated money, supplies and a helping hand. Businesses donated large amounts of water, food, cleaning supplies and other necessities. So much was collected that in our meeting room, when we had our monthly meeting, members had to sit in the aisle.

On Sept.9, 2017, we loaded everything in a large box truck rented from Penske. Again, we put the word out that we needed help loading the box truck. Our community responded. Twenty plus people showed up and a daunting task was completed in about an hour. Later that day, four Legion members departed for Beaumont Texas. A long trip of close to 1,200 miles one way. On Monday, Sept. 11, 2017, the supplies were delivered to the American Legion post in Beaumont. We were assured that they would, with the help of two churches, provide these supplies to the hundreds of needy people. It was obvious how desperate these people were as they started showing up as we were unloading, including three little boys.

I want to tell our community how proud we are of everyone who participated. We can’t name every individual, church or business who donated, but it was greatly appreciated. I’m sorry we didn’t get to visit with everyone who stopped by, because it was an endless stream of people coming into the Legion.

We also cherish the fact that you trust us. I promise you that 100 percent of what was donated for the intended cause was used on that cause.

Be proud of our community, and I hope your chest is filled with pride and you have that wonderful feeling that comes only from someone in need.

May God Bless you

Ron Caldwell