Can you see it?

By Marcia Harris

Can you see beyond what is in front of you?

Each day you have opportunities that can make a difference in your life and the lives of those you care for.Due to time limits, you often find yourself not taking the time to look deeper at what is in front of you.

For example, seeing a person who appears to be struggling or doing well is observing the top layer of who they truly are. To fully benefit from the person or resource in front of you, it is important that you understand and see what is below the surface.

Why you ask?

Understanding a person’s story gives you insight on how their strength was developed, what keeps them moving forward, how their obstacles were overcome, and finally what decision brought them to this point in their life.

You may begin to wonder, “what does this have to do with me?”

Let’s take a moment to invest in yourself. This is where you see the value of your resource.

This is where you begin to understand that the story of challenges and the determination of others to move forward can be tools for your success.

Believe it or not, your resources can come from all walks of life regardless of age, gender, or socio economic levels. Your connections become great resources when you learn to see below the surface. (to see beyond what is in front of you)

This deeper vision reveals your great resource and can lead to your transformation as you learn to use the life lessons revealed to you to overcome your own life challenges.

I challenge you this month to recognize your great resources by seeing “beyond” what is in front of you. I challenge you to see and focus on what is below the surface as you connect with others.

Your transformation is a combination of your vision, resources, and determination to endure until the end.

Jumpstart your brain, jumpstart your life!

By Marcia Harris

To share your story of comment, contact Marcia Harris at 740 353 8056, or

To share your story of comment, contact Marcia Harris at 740 353 8056, or