Give in to your four inner directions

Michele Savaunah Zirkle Marcum

Pointing the headboard in the direction of the North Pole would have resulted in my birth being less problematic—that is according to my mama. Weeks before my birth, the doctor informed Mom I was in a breach position, my tiny feet stretching to exit first.

Mom dismissed the urge to ask the Dad to move the bed in the apartment, believing the request would seem absurd even though her gut told her that had she been facing due North during those two weeks, the magnetic pull would’ve corrected my position, and she would’ve avoided having to leave the comfort of home and checking into a sterile room where a cesarean section would be performed.

Why do we deny our internal guidance? Is it because we fear we will appear foolish? Are we so afraid of being different that we risk venturing off our own path and into someone else’s cornfield where we get lost.

When we are in tune with the four sub personalities inside ourselves we don’t need others’ approval to make decisions. When cooperating with each other, these personalities provide the only guidance we need to navigate the decisions in our lives that most enhance our experiences.

Our inner friend in the north is a Warrior, protecting the rest of our inner family. To the east resides the Sage who offers wisdom when in doubt, sound advice and discretion. The southern belle of the group is the Nurturer who sets boundaries and provides comfort and playtime to the child in the West.

Allowing the wind to blow evenly in all directions, storms are avoided and predators haven’t a snowball’s chance in Hades of surviving.

Exterior predators, having nothing to feed on mosey on down the road to another victim, but the interior predator, our own arrogance, victimhood or unworthiness, is just as damaging to our inner family as those chomping on us from the outside.

If you want to birth your desires into being, don’t let others’ opinions suck you into detouring into the brambles. Point yourself toward your passion and let the natural nmagnetism route you toward happiness. The joy is undeniable.

May your feet find the ground fertile and your wings find the air freeing.

Michele Savaunah Zirkle Marcum

Michele can be reached at or Access more at\lifespeaks.

Michele can be reached at or Access more at\lifespeaks.