Murder most foul

James Howard - Wheelersburg

Dear Editor,

To look at a picture of the one most committed to murdering the intended victim you would think, “No! Not him!” Alas, you’d be wrong. Within the recesses of this perpetrator’s heart and soul is the ominous odor of evil. He is the epitome of the high minded public servant, determined to fulfill his duties sworn to in his oath. It is a wonderful happen stance when evil can cloak itself in the trappings of the state and its laws; evils revels in the irony.

As the murderer presses forward towards his intended victim, everyone sees him. Evil doesn’t fear a system wholly designed and initiated by himself. Powers that could stop him, hurriedly move out of his way. No one will risk themselves to save the victim; most notably the murderer. Our murderer has received his instructions from an evil higher than himself. He fears for his position and livelihood if he fails. “Fear makes cowards of us all!”

When there is more to come, few will risk promotion, adulation and wealth over what is right. Physical cowardice is hard to hide. Rarely do the acts of a physical coward escape notice. Most cowards realize that in time they will be forgiven. All men have breaking points. Low thresholds to pain and suffering, fear of the battlefield and death, an endless list of the world’s ills break stronger men. In time people adapt a “there but for the grace of GOD, go I.” We realize the human frailty in the flesh and find a common commiseration in it.

Not so with the moral coward. Moral cowards are of a different ilk. They are afforded opportunities to do what’s right. Before them are placed great questions and opportunities to illuminate the better angels of our nature. Within their moments they will light the path for mankind; if only for a brief thread of time. Some though will light the path for ages to come. Every age men and women come forward, they choose right and illuminate the night for a people flailing about for safety.

It was moral cowardice that allowed the rise of Hitler. It was moral cowardice that allowed Stalin to murder unceasingly. It was moral cowardice that allowed Mao Zedong to eradicate more than Hitler and Stalin combined. It has always been moral cowardice that allows the greatest evil. In the next few days a scene

that has been has been repeated down through the ages, will once manifest itself. Evil has found a willingly henchman. Wearing the robes impregnated with the seal of the state he will commit murder. His platitudes will ring hollow. Justice will be served! The law will be upheld! Justices of the European Union Court of Human Rights will rejoice and proclaim: “right has prevailed!” In its entirety, the government of Great Britain will say it had to be done.

Our souls will be a little colder on that day. Mankind will suffer another degradation at the hands of another form of National Socialism. Evil will rejoice! Justice Francis of the High court will murder the infant Charlie Gard. GOD have mercy on us all.

James Howard