Let’s move on

Steve Fitzer - 5th Ward

Dear Editor,

I read with dismay the recent events of City Council and those calling for the termination of Derek Allen, our city manager, or the reversion to a mayoral form of city government. Perhaps Mr. Allen’s words were not chosen wisely, or misconstrued by those viewing his post, but in my dealing with Mr. Allen, I have never observed any malice toward any individual nor any segment of our community. On the contrary, in my dealings with him regarding the improvements at Mound Park, he has exhibited the attitude that this improvement is to benefit all individuals and city parks and recreating facilities are a vital commodity to our community.

As I observe fiscal improvement, regular dependable garbage collection, and a host of other areas where Portsmouth is moving in a positive direction, it would be tragic to abort this process and move in a different direction.

However, one construes Mr. Allen’s post, I do not feel it’s indicative of his true feelings and it’s time to move on. At lease he has faced a festering problem that, before him, no one has wanted to tackle and brought it to the forefront. Now, let us trust that the city manager as well as the rest of us in this community will have the fortitude to do the right thing for all parties involved.

Steve Fitzer

5th Ward