Calling out the intolerant

Gregory W. Edwards - Putting Americans First In America

Dear Editor,

Hundreds if not thousands of conservative Republicans have your back on the homeless issue that has grown into a blight on our fair city. If the liberal left come calling for resignations like those I just read about in the Daily Times article (Homeless Outrage), it is my feeling that we, as a conservative Republican party can come together with a voice and creative ideas to put that issue to a close. We all understand that the liberal left who has emerged at the drop of a hat on this issue has seemed to remain silent on more important city issues. So, let’s talk briefly about one or two creative ideas. First, let’s implement the resources we currently have in place to deal legally with those who are homeless and second, work to implement legislation to prohibit such “neighboring communities” from popping up. At the current growth rate of just this one small tent city, if continued, will grow to such an out of control population, that, first, it will increase the crime rate, drug abuse and panhandling that has already affected our city, and second, it will become such a problem the city will be forced to deal with it using other measures, such as mass arrests, etc. When driving in town, and you see a panhandler with a professionally printed “homeless please help” sign, something’s seriously out of control. That being said, if you can stand on a corner all day long in the sun with a sign, then you can stuff letters, cut grass, pick up litter or wash city owned vehicles for money to rent a small furnished apartment. We understand, and so should the liberal left, showing compassion it is not a city government’s issue or problem. I do not recall anywhere in the city manager’s job description calling for compassion. Compassion is subjective and is not in alignment with the needs of the community as a whole. A safe, secure, clean city is the government’s responsibility. Let me leave everyone who reads with with one final thought…do those homeless in our neighboring “tent city” pay for trash pick up or do they carry it somewhere in the city to dispose of it?

Gregory W. Edwards

Putting Americans First In America