Do what is necessary to find funding

Anita L. McGinnis - Portsmouth

Dear Editor,

As I read the article (Kester Talks SOPA Funding) in Monday’s (May 15th) Portsmouth Daily Times, I wonder what our County Leadership is thinking. Over the span of time that Mr. Kester has been involved with the Southern Ohio Port Authority (SOPA), our county, city representatives and other representatives from neighboring counties have begun to work together in a way that I do not recall happening, at least over the past several years.

We have businesses looking at our region for opening facilities that will provide good salaries for our residents, salaries that will at some point reduce our poverty level, bring money to our local businesses and county taxes. Was this happening to the degree that it is now before Mr. Kester became involved?

We are cleaning up our city by receiving grant funding that allows for the demolition of buildings that reflect poorly on our city/county areas to those that may be considering relocation businesses and/or their residency here. I believe Mr. Kester was also involved in this effort initially as well.

Last but certainly not least, we have seen more focus on our local airport in Minford over recent months than we have seen in years. Again, a matter of city, county and organizations such as SOPA working together to begin discussions and drafting plans to make it more than what it is today. Why take a chance of losing that momentum by not finding the necessary funding to ensure that one of the key organizations remains as a strong partner to make this vision a reality?

I question when we have someone who believes, with all his heart and soul, that our area can be more than anyone ever dreamed it could be and works day (and probably a lot of nights) strategizing ways to make that happen, why they (County Leadership) would not do whatever is necessary to see that funding is made available to continue this worthy effort.

I do not know what others want, but for me, I want that person who brings his “A” game each and every day in working to bring our city and county to not what it once was, but who is striving and whose primary goal is to make it even better. Wake up, County Leadership, and do whatever is necessary to find the funding not only for this year but for the years to come for this organization. If not, then who within your group will fill these very important “shoes” should funding not be obtained?

Anita L. McGinnis