Do you have what it takes to jump start your brain

Marcia Harris - Inspirational speaker



As you step into your month, be determined to step with courage as you live your purpose setting and achieving your personal and business goals.

As you begin your journey this month, take a moment to stop and ask yourself “what does it take to be courageous?”

Let’s take a few moments to discuss courage and the physical and mental strength required for you to be courageous.

First, let’s discuss your mental challenge. Studies show that it takes courage to step outside your comfort zone. It requires mental strength to move forward alone when family and friends do not believe in your goal or dream. It takes mental strength to focus on your vision that may exclude others who are not moving with you. You may find yourself hoping and praying daily that loved ones will see the light, the bigger picture of what could be in store for them.

As you are mentally challenged, it takes courage to smile when you feel like giving up. You may find yourself repeatedly questioning your decision to act alone. You wonder “Could I be wrong; could I be setting unrealistic goals?” This is a good time to share your challenge with someone you love or trust.

It takes mental courage to move forward when you are told “no” time after time. You wonder, “What is my next move?”. Keep in mind studies have shown that your “nos” will precede your “yes”.

In acting with courage, you must have a plan to mentally keep a positive attitude. How you ask?

Developing a daily plan of action will help you to mentally feel comfortable as you step alone. Start your day with a positive statement or meditation. Keep in mind your amazing brain loves repetition. Repetition leads you to a routine that your mind begins to look forward to. Repetition allows you to practice what you believe in and builds mental strength and character as you develop a habit that allows you to become more focused.

If your personal or business goal is realistic, your plan of action will turn into a habit that creates positive results. You will unexpectedly hear “yes” as you speak with confidence sharing results and expectations. Your results will lead to a positive mental attitude as you are no longer afraid to step alone. You have slowly gained confidence from your courageous steps, focus, and results that you are surviving.

Next, as you gain mental strength, you now realize that It took physical strength as well to pull yourself up day after day when your mind was in doubt. With your mental plan of action you developed a body-mind connection that is absolutely necessary to step with courage!

It all begins with your amazing brain weighing less than three pounds!

As you develop courage, remind yourself that allowing yourself to experience mental and physical pain is a path we must all travel to elevate our mind and body to the next level.

In closing, your courage has now connected to the emotion of confidence. Your confidence will inspire you to share your story challenging others to act with courage to experience the mental and physical challenges which lead to living their purpose!

I challenge you this month to get courage and experience the mental and physical challenges that will lead you to your to purpose in life!

Have a great month of change!


Marcia Harris

Inspirational speaker

To share your story, contact Marcia at 740 353 8056 or or

To share your story, contact Marcia at 740 353 8056 or or