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Marcia Harris - Inspirational speaker



April brings a freshness in our season with its showers of blessings which bring forth beautiful flowers and nutritious food we need to maintain our health. April showers also offers an opportunity to wash away old habits as you jumpstart your brain with new ideas and goals to bring forth the best in you.

Please note, as you set new goals, your showers can often turn into challenging storms.

I was reminded by Delatorro L. McNeal, who is passionate about life and personal growth, that most people are in one of three positions in life. Delatorro states you are either (1) entering into a storm, (2) going through a storm, or (3) coming out of a storm.

Let’s pause and take a moment to consider your current position.

Next, imagine where you want to be in life. Now stop and ask yourself “Am I headed in the right direction?”

After your consideration, I wonder could it be that you are headed into a storm as you are confronted with decisions or choices? Are you in a storm struggling with unbalance? Are coming out of a storm and finally see the light as you take action to balance your immediate needs?

As you may know, making the right decision or choice requires weighing the consequences of your steps or action. Think before you act.

For example, ask yourself the following questions: (1) “Will my decision lead me closer to my goal or will it take me back into an old routine or relationship?” (2) “Will my decision or steps lead me out of my mental, physical, or spiritual storm?” and finally (3) “Will I finally see the light and sigh with deep relief that I was able to make the best decision (reducing stress and unbalance) as I take steps to address my mental, physical, and spiritual needs.”

As you visualize the results you want and weigh the consequences of your actions, your improved decision -making skills will bring you out of your storm.

The best news is that the wisdom and insight you gain from your improved skills will help you to develop a deep foundation for success! Your deep foundation will allow you to become more flexible. You will discover that you will be able to bend instead of breaking when life confronts you with an unexpected storm.

The success of coming out of your storm brings forth a confident positive attitude, your “endless” brain energy, and faith that is felt long before you reach your next destination (Napoleon Hill) in life. To receive the support and information you need to overcome future storms make a habit of building healthy relationships with others who have similar

goals. Ask yourself “how, when, where, who, and why do I connect? (Keep in mind your Higher Power)

Repeating this question daily will generate focus and realistic goals loaded with creativity.

In closing, recognize in life you may be in one of three positions. You may be (1) approaching a storm, (2)struggling through a storm, or (3)coming out of a storm. Weighing the consequences of your actions will lead to improved decision -making skills. Your improved decision-making skills will assist you in coming out of your storm with confidence, wisdom, faith, and insight leading you to success with great relationships and resources for all involved.

I now challenge you to think before acting and weigh the benefits of your improved skills and insight in overcoming your life storms.

Have a great month of change!


Marcia Harris

Inspirational speaker

To share your story, contact Marcia at 740 353 8056 or or

To share your story, contact Marcia at 740 353 8056 or or