Loving Angel on Earth

The Martin Family

I want people to know there is Angels here on earth and me, my sister and brother lived in their loving arms for 13 days.

My father was in his last stages of COPD and the hospital got us connected withHospice at SOMC. We did not know what they did or what we had to look forward to with dad. They set up a hospital bed, had a nurse come once a week and sent a bath aide 3 times a week. The nurse helped with medications and anytime me or my sister had a question or a problem with dad they was there.

My sister and I stayed every night and day for 2 weeks at home with dad. When he was in the dying stages Hospice moved him in to the facility. This was when the real journey began. My sister, brother and I lived at hospice with dad for 13 days and nights. While the nursing staff and aides helped dad every minute we also was being taken care of.

The roller coaster was a wild one. My brother had his knees replaced a few months earlier. His knees swelled every night. When the nursing found out they gave him ice bags every night.

The angels watched over all three of us every day and night. A great bond was formed between us and we cried, laughed, prayed, sang, with dad. We was fed and asked what they could do for us as well as for dad. Our dad passed away on the 13th morning with all three of his children with him. So not only did I know the Angels came for dad to take him home to mom and our older brother who passed a while ago but the living Angels who took care of us went on to the next family that came to Hospice.

So I want to tell you that there is Angels on earth and if you do not believe me go check them out at Hospice and while you are there give a donation to help.

So the next family that can be watched over by the Angels that works there.

I just want to thank the hospice family of Angels for caring for my father and his children for my father and his children during our time of need.

God Bless


The Martin Family