It’s your flag

Sue - Portsmouth

Dear Editor,

In the recent article by Ciara Conley titled “Local Group Creates Movement in Southern Ohio,” I saw a quote that stunned me. Ryan Ottney, New Boston Council candidate, stated,

“… You see (your friends) driving down the road with their bumper stickers and their flags and you think ‘I am alone, I am alone in Scioto County, nobody thinks the way I do.’”

I can understand the Trump bumper stickers bothering you, but why in the world would seeing the AMERICAN FLAG make you feel alone, Mr. Ottney? It’s YOUR flag.

Later in Ms. Conley’s article, Cody Leightenheimer says, “It is necessary, not just to depose (President Donald) Trump or to…” Wow. DEPOSE? Remove from office? This is America. We had an election. Mr. Trump won. I believe that you try to depose him is suggesting anarchy. Oppose him all you want. Have your protests if you must. (Please stay off my streets). But to work to remove him from office is violating the peaceful transition of power.