Drug Problem in Southern Ohio

Dear Editor,

I was just looking at the PDT webpage, what did I see? LETHAL NARCOTIC ALERT. It will probably make the front page of the PDT tomorrow and that is OK, warning people and The 1st responders. I have sent in many letters to the editors about this problem. I feel that everybody needs to get on the same page from rehabs or counselor centers even and Local leaders about this problem. Then I read in yesterdays paper the story about the Scioto County Jail system and seen where the Commissioners will be meeting with the County Judges to discuss various options to help with jail over populations. I agree that something needs to be done but I bet 80 percent to 90 percent of all inmates in the jail now are drug related. I am not saying that Jail is the answer for people with Drug Addictions but just look what is still going on in Southern Ohio. I have dealt with drug problems in my own family for years. My mother died at the age of 19 because of a drug problems. I was only 3 years old. I never got to know my mother. I feel for all the children that has lost a parent over a drug addiction or the parents that have to bury their child. Enough is Enough people. We the people need to do our part in this major problem. Having a daughter that has a drug addiction is the worst thing I have had to deal with. The sad thing about it is that she has overdosed in the past. I have begged her to get help but after taking classes to become a Drug Counselor, the person has to want the help. As parents can give it all we’ve got but if they are not ready, it’s just like talking to a brick wall. But I feel maybe if the Federal or State would give the money to like SOMC to where they could build more rooms or even a wing for people on drugs ready for the help, they could benefit before they go to a rehab. I was told that SOMC only has 12 beds for detox. If your looking for a way, maybe stop the overpopulation of the jail, maybe lets all get together a write letters to our Federal and State leaders to help with funding with our hospitals. When a person with a drug addiction is at rock bottom the last thing they need to hear is that you have to wait a week or two before we can get you into a bed for detox. I feel when they are in a rehab the people with the addiction needs to have some type of job training or a trade/craft so they will feel better about their self and maybe have a chance at a good life. I hear all the time from people drugs are everywhere well that is very true but we are losing to many young people in Southern Ohio everyday. Enough is Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all need to work together on this MAJOR PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It touches every family somehow.


New Boston