Let’s just clarify

Dear Editor,

I feel that it is my duty to respond to and correct statements made by First Ward Councilman Kevin W. Johnson’s January 28th letter to the editor.

First, the information and discussions in an Executive Session are private (by law) and Council members were reminded of this when we recessed into the Executive Session. Sharing that information in a letter to the editor is definitely not legal.

Second, recessing into Executive Session can only happen by having a majority of the vote of Council at a regular meeting and was not predetermined at a previous meeting.

Third, there was no action taken or decision made in the Executive Session. If this had occurred, Council would have had to vote on the issue on the floor in an open meeting, immediately following the Executive Session. Therefore the tabled ordinance mentioned is not off of the table and no determination was made as to how any raises will be handled.

Fourth, City Council did not agree to meeting individually more often with the city manager, though some may choose to do so because of the discussions.

And finally, Councilman Johnson is entitled to his opinions but absolutely should not be speaking for City Council as a whole nor making misstatements in the media regarding their actions. No single person can speak for Council unless authorized in an open meeting by said body.

One final clarification is that the January 28th letter to the editor was just signed as “Kevin”. We have two Councilmen named Kevin Johnson. This letter was submitted by Kevin W. Johnson, First Ward Councilman.

Being the President of City Council (Mayor) I felt it my duty and obligation to notify the public of the correct facts and the law as it applies to Executive Sessions. These actions by Councilman Johnson are subject to reprimand by the governing body.


Mayor James D. Kalb