Local pastor attends ‘Future’ Conference

By Portia Williams

[email protected]

Lucasville resident Tim Throckmorton, pastor of Crossroads Church in Circleville, said he experienced a church conference of a lifetime at the Future Conference, held at Skyline Wesleyan Church in La Mesa, Calif.

“It was an incredible event called the Future Conference, ‘What You Thought Was Coming is Here Now,’ and it was hosted by Skyline Wesleyan Church in La Mesa, California,” Throckmorton said. “It addressed topics from every realm, current topics, challenging topics, cultural issues. It was a little edgy, a little gutsy in regard to dealing with issues of cultural conversation about marriage, and the issue of euthanasia.”

Other topics discussed at the conference were Israel and Radical Islam, The Power and Influence of Media, Religious Liberty, Biblical Economics.

“There were 56 speakers over three days. He said. “The take away was, here’s what where we are, here’s what we face, not just as a culture, but as a church this is where God’s plan is at, here and now. What a great day, what a great moment for the church to be relevant on all of these topics and to be able to respond in a very holistic approach to ministering,” he said.

He said traditionally, churches have taken the role of meeting the physical needs.

“Responding to practical needs has always been the call of the church, Salvation Army embodied that, to feed the need of the soul, but to feed the need of the body as well. The church has responded to everything from natural disasters to other issues where the country has been thrust into chaos,” he said.

Throckmorton said it is now the church’s opportunity to be the church.

“We have been acclimated to allowing government to respond to the needs of communities, to nations, to regions, but the church has an incredible opportunity to stand, to minister and to reach the needs of those who are hurting or challenged or frightened in the name of Christ,” he said.

Topics discussed at the conference crossed denominational lines, according to Throckmorton.

“Every hot button, cultural issue that is before us, everyone, in every church has an understanding of everyone of those issues based on something. It is either based on the media, or it’s based on the scriptures as taught by their pastor, or teacher,” he said. “And so, these issues crossed denominational lines, and the churches represented there were vast. It was one of the most relevant conferences that that I have ever been a part of in my life.”

He said he plans to find opportunities and ways to share the plethora of information with other pastors and church leaders so that all may be prepared.

“A true believer has a true biblical world view and understanding of where they are at, and what is going on, and how to respond in what ever circumstance, ” he said. The bottom line is, we need to be aware, educated, equipped and prepared to be the church in every circumstance that the culture is facing.”

“The pastor at the church and I are good friends. We have spoken on platforms around the country together on some of these issues, and from our conversations these last few years I have been very much inspired as other pastors have to deal with some of these relevant issues,” he said.

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