Land Transfers

Bruce MacDonald to Jeffrey Jones, 2737 Grandview, Portsmouth, $105,000.00

Elmer Pulver to Tanneal, LLC. ,Portsmouth, $74,000.00

Susan Lacy to Shelly Chabot 1209 Kinneys Lane, Portsmouth, $85,000.00

Cathy Graf to Cassie and Aaron Frump, 7910 Carey’s Run-Pond Creek rd., West Portsmouth, $227,000.00

Linda Powell and Cynthia Gearheart to Michael Ray and Kathy Anne Crabtree, 4330 Flo Morgan Rd., Portsmouth, $85,000.00

Patricia A. Copas to Don Dale and Venetta L. Throckmortan, 3111 Bear Creek Rd., Otway, $5,000.00

Constance S. Brisker to Geoffrey H. Brisker and Morgan N. Brisker, 626 Wheelers Mill Road, Wheelersburg, $157,800.00

Shane Richardson to Corey and Erica McWharter, $3,200

Nancy M. Johnson to Norfolk Southern Railway Company, 25 Poplar Street, Franklin Furnace, $59,900.00

Patricia McDonald to Norfolk Southern Railway Company, 56 Poplar Street, Franklin Furnace, $50,000.00

James C. Carver II and Brittany Carver to Bryan C. Jordan, 1039 Collingwood Drive, Wheelersburg, $79,000.00

Harold R Carrington and Delores Carrington to Dannette Ray Colley, Slocum Heights Road , Portsmouth, $20,000.00

Darin Porter and Tonya L. Porter to Michael H. Williams, Jr., 2202 Woodcrest Dr., Wheelersburg, $182,000.00

Nancy Kay Jones to Charles H. Gregory, $45,645.87

Estate of Martha Lucille Schuyler to Derrick L. Hurst and Sara A. Hurst, $750

Frank Dale Mehaffey and Beverly Mehaffey to David L. McGraw and Donna K. McGraw, West Portsmouth, $6,000.00

Trailhead Ventures, LLC., to Brenda and Everett Troy, 2683 Troys Dr, Wheelersburg, $600.00

Bertha Powell to Sarah Smith and Steven Martin, 7294 State Route 348, Otway, $80,000.00

Kevin Fannin to Barry Bragdon and Terri Bragdon, 1116 Center Street, Wheelersburg, $29,900.00

Sciotoville Post No. 3638 to Grandview Retail Store, LLC., Sciotoville, $50,000.00

Julie R. Christopher to Amanda and Tyrone Greene, 1423 Spring Street, Portsmouth, $34, 195.77

Mark A, Knight to Elizabeth an John W. Holbrook III, 7328 Ohio River Rd., Portsmouth, $67,455.00

John F. McClay and Shirley A. McClay to James S. Davis, Michaela J. Davis, and Christina M. Simon, Big Bear Creek Road, Lucasville, $26,000.00

Jeffrey Scott Ellis and Mary Katherine Ellis to Troy N. Koenig, Brush Creek, $25,000.00

Gambill Real Estate Holdings, LLC. to JF2 ML2 Holdings, LLC., 902 Gallia Street, Portsmouth, $425,000.00

Estate of Helen Ruth Tipton Newton to Nga Burke, 1609 Kinneys Lane, Portsmouth, $58,000.00

Larry W. Bryant to Gary Stan Trent, Maple, New Boston, $40.00

Amy Coriell and Wade Coriell to Christopher Baldridge, 1134 Center Street, Wheelersburg, $95,000.00

Jacob Levi Crider and Micha Renee Crider to Ronald Mollett, $98,500.00

David M. Hill, II and Leah Marie Hill to Joseph R. Bailey an Stacy Lynn Bailey, 5569 Kentland Avenue, Portsmouth, $15,000.00

Rebecca A. Ferrara to Deborah A. Deaver, 2121 Russell Ave., West Portsmouth, $47, 183.20

Jonathan Lavender and Lisa Lavender to Quicken Loans, 14121 State Route 772, Rarden, $98,000.00

Harris Farms, LLC. to Daniel Lee and Clara Lee, 725 White Gravel Dewey, Minford, 180,000.00

Ricky D. Johnson and Tina Marie Johnson, to Alison Linnette Hanson, 2819 Gallia St., Portsmouth, $21,000.00

Danny Cook and Tonaya Cook to John R. Logan, III, 121 Long Street, Wheelersburg, $113,500.00

William P. Robbins and Allision J. Robbins to B.J Wilson, 3427 McNamer Brown Road, Lucasville, $60,000.00

Gregory L. Sparks and Patricia Sparks to Darin E. Porter and Tonya L. Porter, 1103 Glendale Ave, Wheelersburg, $165,000.00

Keith M. Blevins and Debra A. Blevins to Aubrey G. Williams, Upper Twin Creek, Blue Creek, $14,000.00

Deborah Blevins and Charles R. Blevins to Holly Niemer Brown, 106 Arnett Drive, Franklin Furnace, $70,000.00

Gregory D. Rucker and Starla M. Rucker to Chad White and Kylee White, 0 Hunters Trail, Wheelersburg, $21,000.00

US Bank Trust to Kayla Wilder, 2424 Houston Hollow Run RD., Lucasville, $54,500.00

Estate of David Duane Boland to Page F. Cook and Evalina Cook, 59 Twin Street, Stout, $13,000.00

George F. McGlone and Gretchen McGlone to Pamela Brumgardner, 850 Tipton Lane, Stout, $169,000.00

Brockton C. Sommer & Sarah Sommer, H & W, to Braden M. Moore & Hannah B. Moore, J/S, 107 Tripp St., South Webster, $118,500.00

U.S Bank National Association to Kenneth Holbrook, 1210 N Avenue, Portsmouth, $6,500.00

Michael Hayden Williams, JR. and Michelle Lee Williams to Carla S. Adams, 1608 Franklin Avenue, Portsmouth, $100,000.00