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By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

There are so many variations you can make with the spiders with pom-poms.

What fun these skeletons would be to make!

This will be my last week to do Halloween ideas, but I still found some that I liked really well, so I’m a sucker for them. One of them I am not writing about is in the attached photo which shows and tells it all – Cool Skeletons, I thought they were the cutest. (Waddell Woodworking LLC)

On –, I found so many cute things:

Orange balloon stomp – Order or find, a bag of orange balloons, then fill each one with a Halloween-themed surprise (think candy or a silly trinket like a spider ring). From there, take construction paper and craft green leaves that you can attach to the spot where you tie the balloon. Then, game on: All your kids have to do is stomp the balloons to collect their prize.

Halloween activities for kids Minute to Win It

Put that candy corn to use:

Candy corn is no one’s first pick, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put it to use. You can totally create your own version of ‘Minute to Win It’. Here’s how to play: Each kid will need a stack of candy corn, a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. You’ll need a timer set to 60 seconds. The goal of the game is to see who can transfer the most candy corn to the bowl using only chopsticks.

Treat yourself while bobbing for donuts:

This germ-free (and easily socially distance-able) Halloween activity requires two things: string and donuts. From there, all you have to do is hang donuts from tree branches and invite your kids to eat theirs hands-free. (Yep, their hands should be tied behind their back the whole time.)

Spider race:

About those plastic spiders you got at the dollar store? You’ll love this tutorial from Still Playing School. Grab a couple of straws and set up a start and finish line on the kitchen table. The goal? To blow through the straws and race. The first kid to cross the finish line with their eight-legged bug wins.

Fashion a ghost garland:

To start, you’ll need to send the kids outside to gather leaves in your backyard. Next, paint the leaves white, then take a Sharpie and add two eyes. To turn it into a garland, all you’ll need is a hole punch (although you can probably puncture each leaf carefully with a pin) and some string.

Decorate with some ghost handprints:

Trace your child’s hand, then paint it white. After that, you flip it upside down (so the palm is the ghost’s head), then add googly eyes. String them up around the house for décor that doubles as a memento for when those little hands get a lot bigger.

Watch Halloween Movies: Hocus Pocus! Ghostbusters! The Nightmare Before Christmas! Cook up a bucket of popcorn and watch a classic with your kids.

Play Halloween charade

If you have been slowly indoctrinating your now-teenagers into liking Halloween movies, Gather the family and play this wild guessing game featuring such as Hocus Pocus, as well as renowned characters such as Morticia Adams and Freddie Krueger. This Halloween game, simply write Halloween-related movies and phrases onto index cards and play a spooky game of charades.

Make-your-own pom pom spiders: (See Photo)

More décor for your Halloween-themed mantle! All you need is a package of pom-poms, popsicle sticks and some googly eyes.

I found these things on one of my favorite sites we have used before – Goodhousekeeping .com/holidays/halloween-ideas

Halloween Heads Up

Everyone has to write down a Halloween word on a post-it. Then, one person picks a word from the pile (without looking!) and tries to guess what it is based on the clues.

Cup Knock Down

Draw little faces on white cups and assemble them in a tower. Kids can then try to knock as many as they can down with a small ball. Whoever gets the most is the winner!

Balloon Catch

For little ones, blow up orange balloons — bonus points if you draw a jack o’ lantern face on them with black marker — and give each kid a funnel. See who can catch their balloon in the funnel the most times. (Adults, you might have fun trying this one, too.)

Pin the Spider on the Web

To play this classic game, draw a spiderweb onto a roll of paper or piece of cardboard, and attach the paper to a wall. Give each player a cutout spider with a piece of double-sided tape on the back and have them pin the spider onto the web. Whoever gets closest to the center of the web wins.

Halloween Charades

This Halloween game is perfect if you’re staying home with a small group. Simply write Halloween-related movies and phrases onto index cards and play a spooky game of charades.

Candy Corn Bingo

This Halloween board swaps out snoozy numerals (boring!) for witch hats, ghosts and black cats. Purchase a bag of colorful candy corn to use as markers.

Mummy Relay Race

Divide kids into groups of two and have one wrap the other up like a mummy as quickly as possible. Whichever team’s mummy runs to the finish line first wins. (You can also dole out points for creativity, and include dress-up items like hats, boas and sunglasses.)

50 BEST Halloween Games for All Ages

Quik Draw!

This is another super fun virtual Halloween game that would be perfect for any age but kids will really enjoy it! This Halloween pictionary type game will have players trying to guess who a character is based on clues then trying to draw them quickly and well!

Pumpkin Pong

This game is one of my favorites because it seems like it should be so easy. And it’s not. Not at all.

Players have to bounce ping pong balls to get them to try to bounce into plastic pumpkins!

Zombie Walk

Play: Set up a short obstacle course (go around, over, and under things) and make the team member complete the obstacle course while walking like a zombie (or Frankenstein).

Guess & Feel Mystery Bags

See who can figure out what’s inside these Halloween-inspired mystery bags by just reaching in and touching the contents.

Seeds = Pumpkin Guts

Cotton balls = Ghost Poop

Golf Tees = Dracula’s Teeth

Nuts & bolts = Frankenstein Pieces

Raisins or dried cranberries = Witch’s Warts (my favorite!)

Gauze or cotton bandages = Mummy Skin

You could also use candy items for these boxes too (candy corn for teeth, melted peeps for ghost poop etc) which is a great idea on how to use that extra Halloween candy if you have too much 😉

If you want to make the bags a little creepier, here are a few ideas to gross out players:

Use real pumpkin inerds and not just seeds for the Pumpkin Guts

Put some ketchup on Dracula’s teeth — things like that go over well for teens and adults – then when each player pulls out their hand, they’ll think it’s blood!

Add some water to the Ghost Poop so make it smooshy

Pull an item out of the Witch’s Warts bag and eat it in front of the kids (tasty!)

Add in parts of a green balloon (kind of rubbery) for Frankenstein Pieces

You can also use real vampire fangs in the Dracula’s Teeth box if you want something each kid can take home as a fun souvenir too!

And if you’re using this true “guess what’s in the bag” game, you’ll want to have paper and pencil on hand so each person can fill out their guesses when they reach their hand in the bag!

Be sure the bags are tall enough (and in a dark area) so that snooping kid-lings can’t see inside them. Believe me, if you’re playing this game with tweens or teens, they’re gonna try to peek 😉

What to put in a mystery bag or box for Halloween – great game ideas for kids and adults!

Some of the items (like Ghost Poop) I put directly in the bag but other items (the seeds & raisins) I put in a small dish first.

Now just line up all your bags, turn on some scary Halloween music and creep out your kids.

If you want to turn this into a science experiment, give each child a piece of paper and ask them to record what they think they feel inside the bag or box. And it’s such an easy Halloween Game it can also quickly be turned into a minute to win it game — just set a timer and give each player one minute to write down their guesses!

I have truly and thoroughly enjoyed this fall season, especially the Halloween stuff. I hope you have found some things you want to try and enjoy and if I’ve bored you, just wait until Christmas!

*Let me know any ideas you have or what you would like to see and I’ll get right on it for you. Email me at [email protected]

Remember to be kind and love each other and continue to set a good example for our children. See you next week with new ideas and ways to help your children or ideas that may help you as you raise your children in some way. God Bless you all.

There are so many variations you can make with the spiders with pom-poms. are so many variations you can make with the spiders with pom-poms.

What fun these skeletons would be to make! fun these skeletons would be to make!

By Kimberly Jenkins

[email protected]

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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