KimsKorner: A school year to remember

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

The school year 2020-2021 comes to an end.

May becomes the month where it is the end of some things and the beginning of others. For seniors in both high school and college, it is the end of what they have been doing for at least the past four years and the beginning of something new in their lives. For the younger ones, it is the end of another most unusual school year and looking forward to a different summer than the one they had last year. For juniors, it is the preparation for their last year of school and things that might entail. Along with all of those things, today is also Memorial Day, a day we look to remember those who have gone before us with some type of sadness but also honoring them for what they did while they were still here.

There were many lives lost this past year, due to the influx of COVID and so many were gone in the flick of an eye, many of whom unfortunately had to die alone, while their families suffered at home not always knowing what was going to happen before it was upon them. Dying alone is a horrible thing for most, but to have to be alone because COVID restricted your family from being with you, had to be one of the worst or the worst thing that happened this past year. As we now begin the transition to returning to things somewhat normal, let us not forgot those who have suffered great loss this year alone.

This new transition brings on all kinds of questions and what to do next things to mind. Many of your families are preparing for a vacation this summer and although it is great that you are able to do that, many of you are probably still hesitant about what things and places are safe to go and do. It is something like spring break and heading to the beaches but pandemic fears that we have lived through for the past year not sure what to do. No one person or group has all the answers. The CDC informs us that masks are not longer necessary if you have been vaccinated, but some places will still require masks, confused much? Governor Mike DeWine says that he will lift the mask order along with other things on June 2nd in Ohio, and then President Joe Biden says much will change by the time we get to July 4th, still confused? The best thing families can do is make a plan for what is right for you and yours following the guidelines that you feel are most important. My wish and prayer for all of you is to stay safe and have fun like you haven’t had for such a long time this summer with your kids, do those things you always have put off, because as we have learned from this year, you never know when you may not be able to do those things.

Let’s now give a big shout out to those graduating seniors! They have experienced the end of their junior year isolated for at least the rest of that school year, to beginning of this past school year, not knowing how you will attend school at home or in person, not getting to do some things that seniors do, but yet getting to do some of the ones especially at the end of this year up and to graduation. They do get to have graduations, something that the class of 2020, basically did not. Most of them got to play sports even though some of the fall ones were in and shortened manner. Again, 2020 kids did not get to play spring sports at all last year and 2021 did. These graduating students felt the punch with them and felt a loss of only three years, instead of a total of four years to play.

These graduating seniors have something to talk about with their grandchildren, that they may never believe. They can tell how there was a pandemic and in March of 2020, they left school one day and were unable to return until the fall. They saw the COVID and how it affected people, many who died because of it. They also saw countries work together in some form to try to come up with a vaccination that would work in less than a year, that in itself is just miraculous, when we think of how long getting a vaccination up and then approved normally takes. They experienced losses of things and/or people that really kicked them in the stomach, and they saw people wearing masks everywhere and on people that they would have sworn they would never see. They saw things shut down that they would never have believed like professional and college sports, the television awards, talk shows coming from the hosts’ homes, amusement parks like Disney shut down, people losing their jobs and businesses.

And during all this turmoil the black community suffered loss and despair and they marched in the streets to try to get people to hear them, these seniors had only heard about Martin Luther King Jr. and the march in Birmingham in textbooks, and they were here to experience this firsthand and many of them stood up for these folks and shouted it was not right, standing right beside them, and here they are, alive to tell all about the end of 2020 and the first half of 2021. And finally, as they are stepping out of school, they will be able to tell of how things opened back up and started to get close to normal again. These seniors, both high school and college have experienced things that people in their entire lifetimes ever got to see until now. Hopefully, this group of young people have learned a lot and will spend the rest of their lives making the most of it and become the adults their parents hope they will be. But most of all, my hat is tipped for all these seniors and what they have been through and yet still graduated!

I realize that my column is not what I normally write about, but with school ending and graduations I had covered most things that I needed to before summer. In the fall, my column won’t be as much things you can do at home with your child, but ideas to help you see your children excel in school and help when you do not know the answer.

Starting in June it is my goal to possibly have things that will keep your kids from losing what they have learned through this year, whether it be virtual, in person, or a combination. With this school year being as unusual as it was, it was it will be important to keep your children’s brain thinking some of the time. Seriously, think about it, you’ve all become good teachers by now and I’ll just add some needed skills for different levels, so you don’t have to look up things, just have them do them some different times this summer. God Bless you all and have a good week.

Let me know any ideas you have or what you would like to see and I’ll get right on it for you. Email me at [email protected]

Remember to be kind and love each other and continue to set a good example for our children. See you next week with new ideas and ways to help your children or ideas that may help you as you raise your children in some way.

The school year 2020-2021 comes to an end. school year 2020-2021 comes to an end.

By Kimberly Jenkins

[email protected]

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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