Fun closing out the school year

By Kimberly Jenkins - Kim’s Korner

The candy bar game is a fun game for all ages.

This wacky end of the school year is fast approaching and this week’s column will just try to help you and your children wind down this year and have some fun.

One idea I saw and liked was an end-of-the-year scavenger hunt you can make by placing things around the house that will be used for summer like bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, chalk, bubbles, a squirt gun, water balloons to fill. Perhaps have a water balloon fight to end the year.

Another cool thing you could do, with all the papers, broken pencils, crayons, etc. found in the kids’ backpacks, maybe have a bonfire and burn all that junk.

How about having an ice cream party with all the fun stuff kids like to eat on their ice cream, or just go out for ice cream to celebrate the end.

Summer Fun Box was something else I saw that could make for fun: Arrange a fun-filled box with silly string, super soakers, and glow in the dark necklaces. Place the box in a key spot in your house awaiting your kids’ arrival home on their last day of school.

Don’t forget to take a photo of the last day of school, just like you do on the first day.

Make a diploma for your children with their name and date and the grade they’re leaving and the one they are going.

Have the kids make a, I survived this school year poster and put in pictures and words of all the interesting things that happened this crazy year.

You could also use those squirt guns to do some fun squirt gun painting on posters or just paper.

One last thing that can be used for a group of any or a variety of players, or just your family will enjoy is this game called the Candy Bar Game.

What you need to play the candy bar game:

A large assortment of candy bars—at least one per player, but having several extra makes the game more fun! (Make sure they are all different kinds—that’s what makes the game fun!) (If you are thinking ahead enough, this candy bar variety pack is a great deal!)


A timer (you can use your phone or other type timers)

How to play the candy bar game:

Have everyone sit in a circle with all of the candy bars in the middle. Set your timer for five minutes and start a set of dice around the circle.

Depending on how many people are playing, you may want to use two sets of dice.

Each person rolls the dice once and passes them on. If doubles are rolled, you can pick a candy bar either from the pile in the middle or from someone who has already picked one. It’s pretty obvious which candy bars are the coveted ones as the game goes on!

To make the game more interesting, sometimes do doubles and sevens. If the dice add up to seven (3+4, 2+5, 6+1), then you can also pick a candy bar.

Stealing makes the game truly fun—without the option to steal it would be a little boring!

For instance, if someone rolled doubles and the candy bar they wanted was no longer in the middle, they can steal it from the person who has it in front of them. The person who loses the candy bar does not get to choose a new one—they just lose it and hopefully will get a chance to steal it back if it’s their favorite candy!

You can also really tell which candy bars are the most coveted as they change hands pretty often before the end of the game!

When the timer goes off, everyone gets to keep whatever candy bars they have collected.

Just food for thought, as you end school and begin the summer, Pinterest has a load of Minute to Win It games to make and do with your kids. During the summer, I’ll pick some out, but it may be fun to do some at this time, before you all get busy with summer plans and it might open a door to talk about how your kids feel about this school year and what they think next year will be like.

Next week, we’ll be looking at more activities to do as the school year closes out. However, starting in June it is my goal to possibly have things that will keep your kids from losing what they have learned through this year, whether it be virtual, in person, or a combination. With this school year being as unusual as it was, it was it will be important to keep your children’s brain thinking some of the time. Seriously think about it, you’ve all become good teachers by now and I’ll just add some needed skills for different levels, so you don’t have to look up things, just have them do them some different times this summer. God Bless you all and have a good week.

Let me know any ideas you have or what you would like to see and I’ll get right on it for you. Email me at [email protected]

Remember to be kind and love each other and continue to set a good example for our children. See you next week with new ideas and ways to help your children or ideas that may help you as you raise your children in some way.

The candy bar game is a fun game for all ages. candy bar game is a fun game for all ages.

By Kimberly Jenkins

Kim’s Korner

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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