Tweens and Teens for Mother’s Day

By Kimberly Jenkins - Kim’s Korner

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

So many teens live such active lifestyles and have so many commitments, that they normally have little to no time to spend with their grandparents, however, since the pandemic, I believe that so many of these teens have reconnected with their grandparents and want to be a bigger part of their lives.

Many of them were close to their grandparents when they were little but then, everything else got in the way. Then came the pandemic and they soon learned that not seeing their grandparents was not what they wanted to do. And most were never so thankful when they were once again able to hug their grandparents and spend time with them again. Now here we are Mother’s Day upon us and you know that no gift is more important than spending time with those we love. With the focus on grandmothers and mothers, the what and how we do this to make memories that will last forever is essential.

The question is, how? Here’s the good news – creating precious memories with grandparents doesn’t have to be extravagant. What matters most is having patience and an open mind to listen to grandparents’ interests and needs; sometimes it can be as simple as having a regular meal at their place over hearty conversation to make their week.

Families for Life had a few ideas that both teens and parents can try to foster inter-generational bonding, I may have changed a few things to better adapt to our area.

Cook Together – Remember how dinner tables used to groan underneath the weight of all those scrumptious dishes lovingly prepared by grandparents? With grandparents getting on in their years, it may be tiring for them to cook up a storm for the family. Here’s where teens and parents can step in to pick up the wok to learn “secret” family recipes. Not only is cooking together fun and helps bonding, it will also ensure the family recipes will be passed down to the next generation.

Take a Trip down Memory Lane – Reliving memories together with grandparents can be an exciting affair. Teens may have to do a bit of digging beforehand to find out about their grandparents’ favorite childhood snacks, hangouts and activities. But seeing the glow of contentment on their face as they’re brought around the island to reminisce their past will be well worth it.

Plan a Sleepover – Recall the days when kids clamor for sleepover adventures at their grandparents’ place? How about planning an encore to transport everyone back to the past? Be sure to bring along snacks and a listening ear; it is going to be an unforgettable evening of soul-bearing… and perhaps a few fun stories about the parents when they were kids! Or if everyone is feeling adventurous, why not have a blast together over video games as well!

Binge on a New Television Programme Together – How about watching the latest drama together? Shedding a tear or laughing your hearts out over the plot make for a fun and heart-warming day with grandparents.

Sign up for a Course Together – We’re never too old to learn, and sometimes our area might have a wide range of activities to sign up for or you can share one online. Whether it’s cooking a new type of cuisine, fabric crafting, practicing calligraphy or mastering a new instrument, learning something new together is always a great opportunity for deeper conversations and quality time.

This site also had several ideas for the family to get together while honoring the most important women in their lives. They are dedicated for children and their mothers, but can always be used as you see fit.

Family Reunion – Nothing would please a mother more than the sight of all her children and grandchildren gathered in her honour. Set the table, prepare a scrumptious dinner and make a toast to the joyous occasion. Don’t forget to take a family photo at the end!

Mother’s Day Brunch – For all the early mornings where mom has swiftly packed your school lunches and got you ready for your day, surprise her with a delicious brunch with the family. Take her out to a fancy restaurant where she can blissfully eat her pancakes without having to worry about you or the grandchildren.

Movie Marathon – There is nothing more intimate and homely than watching a good movie together with good company. Pick your mother’s favorite movie or watch the beloved classics from her younger days. Make her feel special and appreciated by choosing movies with motherhood and family themes.

Weekend Getaway – Pack those suitcases and organize a short trip to a nearby resort. Your mother will appreciate the effort and will savor the spontaneity of the moment. Also, nothing spells fun like an impromptu family holiday.

Scrapbooking Spree – Bring out the family albums and get your creative juices flowing as you create a family scrapbook. Have a good laugh along the way as you go through old memories with your mother.(Grandmother and mother could do this one to share Mother’s Day too.)

Sweet Treats – Does your mother have a sweet tooth? Treat her to a mouth-watering basket of her favorite goodies to remind her how much you love her. Make it even more special by bringing the whole family together to bake and prepare these sweet treats.

Spa Retreat – Put a smile on her face by treating her to a ladies-only spa retreat. To take it up a notch, get the help of your family members to host a spa day at home. Light up some candles to set the ambience and allow her to wind down. Ensure that your mother gets the invigorating treatment that she deserves.

This last section is just for the tweens and teens to do for their mothers: Give this list to your tween and teen to ponder.

No one knows you like your mother. Most of us would agree with this statement, so this Mother’s Day, why don’t you design a game which your mother will definitely ace and make gift-giving fun and interesting.

Choose a Game (Families for Life)

Turn a series of questions and answers into a fun and interactive game for your mother to play. Here are 2 which you might want to try.

QR Treasure Hunt- Use this QR treasure hunt generator tool from to generate QR codes. These are special designs that your mobile phone can read.

Make a list of your and your mother’s favorite things and places around the home. Questions such as: Which room do you spend the most time in? Find Lisa’s favorite jacket, Go to the cupboard where Andy hides his chocolates are great examples. Use the QR generator to create codes for each question. Paste them around the house and get your mother to use her mobile phone to scan them and see if she can answer the questions correctly. Each time she answers a question, she will get the answer to where the next QR code is hidden. The last QR code would lead her to her mother’s day present.

I Love You Crossword

Make a list of all the words you associate with your mother. Words like love, fun and kind are great; also words that relate to activities that are unique to your mother such as: photographer, cook, singer can be included. Favorite things such as coffee, roses and cheesecake are good to add. You might even include your gift to her in the list of words that you choose.

Create a set of questions that match the words which you’ve chosen. For example, “What do you drink for breakfast every day” would match “coffee”.

Then use these questions to generate your very own crossword puzzle for your mother. Use tools such as this crossword generator from to help you. Get your mother to play the crossword puzzle game and give her a hug, kiss and her gift afterward.

Make Mother’s Day special for those women you love and help your children out too so they can do things for you and or grandmothers this year. A big shout out to all mothers this year, but especially those who have been doing double duty or did double duty as teacher and mother! God bless you all!

Let me know any ideas you have or what you would like to see and I’ll get right on it for you. Email me at [email protected]

Remember to be kind and love each other and continue to set a good example for our children. See you next week with new ideas and ways to help your children or ideas that may help you as you raise your children in some way.

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Mother’s Day to all!

By Kimberly Jenkins

Kim’s Korner

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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