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The following students have been named to the Autumn Semester Dean’s List at Columbus State Community College. To be named to the Dean’s List, a student must achieve a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher and be enrolled for six or more credit hours (Local):

Jackson, OH

Carly Oberholzer, Environmental Sci/Saf & Health

Lucasville, OH

Zachary Cannon, Construction Management

Brooke Cooper, Criminal Justice

McDermott, OH

Kayla Sowkulech, Paralegal Studies

Piketon, OH

Jordyn Corcoran

Portsmouth, OH

Dylan Bailey, Construction Trades

Zachary Hamilton, Skilled Trades Technology

Timothy Miller, Skilled Trades Technology

Joshua Thurman, Skilled Trades Technology

Waverly, OH

Haley Tarlton, Health Sciences

West Portsmouth, OH

Travis Tackett, Skilled Trades Technology

Rio unveils tuition reduction of more than 27%

The University of Rio Grande introduces Affordability Plan that Lowers Tuition and Invests more in Holistic Student Services

RIO GRANDE, OH- With many colleges and universities facing uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, The University of Rio Grande has taken the lead in providing an affordable pathway to a high-quality education. The Board of Trustees approved a tuition affordability plan on February 13, thus lowering tuition from $26,810 to $19,400 and lowering room and board from $11,166 to $10, 500. In addition to the tuition affordability plan, Rio Grande is investing additional resources in student support services to focus on individual student needs and improve student success and retention.

At a time when many are questioning the value of a college degree, Rio Grande’s Affordability Plan removes the confusion about the actual cost of higher education and provides families with a clearer understanding of the cost. The Affordability Plan will remove the financial barrier for students who could not otherwise afford a 4-year degree.

“This will be life-changing for many,” said President Ryan Smith. “and transforming for our region. The new plan will allow students to continue towards their bachelor’s if they want. This will inevitably bring a stronger workforce to our region as well “

The University is also investing more in student support services. To support the enrollment growth Rio has experiences over the last year, the University has hired a new Dean of Student Success and three student success coaches. These success coaches will work with each new student to ensure a smooth transition to college and offer support throughout the student’s college career. In addition, Rio is developing a new Learning Commons area, expanding tutoring, has launched a loaner laptop program to assist students with technology needs.

“We are redefining our approach to student success. ” Chief Operating Officer, Rebecca Long said, “Many in our region want to obtain a degree but life outside of the classroom can feel very overwhelming. We are offer holistic support to students, meaning we are developing strategies to support the entire student, not just the classroom learner. This Appreciative Advising Model will meet students where they are and offer support to get them where they want to be. Those supports may range from food insecurities to locating childcare assistance and offering mental health support. We are focusing on the entire student. “

The University of Rio Grande (URG), established in 1876, is an independent four-year, comprehensive university that offers programs ranging from certificates through the master’s degree level. URG and Rio Grande Community College represent a unique marriage between public and private education, between career and liberal arts education, and between traditional and non-traditional students. Through a contract between URG and RGCC, Ohio residents in their first two years of college work can take advantage of public community college tuition rates.

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Staff report