Kim’s Korner: Springtime is here

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

Use water guns with paint and paint masterpieces.

Splash and Play in the rain and mud.

Amazingly enough, the time will spring forward this weekend, which many of you have been looking forward to happening. Not only will the time change, but as seen on many news venues, we are now in March and next week, the 19 to be exact is when life as we knew it here in our area, changed in a way no one could have foreseen.

The schools closed, businesses sent as many as possible that could to work from home, restaurants were told to shut down unless they had great social distance, and other businesses like hairdressers, dentists and many others had to shut down.

The one that affected families the most was the closing of schools. First of all, we thought it was temporary maybe for a few weeks to a month, however, that was just not the case. Soon parents discovered that they were to become assistant teachers without any training. Schools had to scramble and help train their teachers on how to teach their students at home and it all had to be done in one of the quickest turnovers ever.

Not long into the school shutdowns locally, did we discover that things that we took for granted for our children, we either not going to happen or be something that was just a bandaid to hopefully make our children feel better. Spring sports were next to none, no proms with all the anticipation that so many have waited for since grade school. None of the red carpet walks with all the film flam and frills taken away. No sooner had students had adjusted to that, when the realization hit them like a sledgehammer, graduation canceled or not anything close to what they had looked forward to since entering school, caps and gowns with parents, grandparents, relatives and friends to look on with pride and photobombs for an entire weekend. The class of 2020 here and across the nation were seriously dealt the hardest blow for kids who had worked so hard to get to this only to see it inflated like a balloon.

The good thing that came from this, is that people in our communities did their very best to do special things to try and make up for the disappointment. There were virtual proms, virtual graduations, and small graduations held in some very unusual ways with one in Eastern Local held by the administration going to the seniors’ homes. Who would have thought that would ever be possible? People ‘adopted’ a senior and bought them special things and were able to give them to the graduating seniors. Someone had a great idea there and maybe there were seniors that received more in 2020 than they would have during a regular school senior year.

Now here we are a year later, climbing out from the groundhog holes and peeking to see if it is truly going to be safe again soon. Vaccines are here for the coronavirus, they are slowly being distributed by age, health and professions, however, it will still take some time before everyone who can or who want to will be able to get their vaccines. Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio has said that there will be proms, graduations, spring sports, but will they be what they were before, not this year, but they will be better than what the class of 2020 was able to have. Little steps, that is where we are a year after things changed and our world was turned upside down. Is it better, oh yes, but most of us are not that patient, we have learned it lately, we just want to be able to take off the masks, spend time with friends and do things in the spring and summer that we missed last year. The sun is coming out and just like what we have been through this past year, things are going to change, look up and share the good things with your children and never forget one of the best things we learned during this time, things are not nearly as important as people. Make sure you continue to spend as must time as you can with your children and family, because just like the time changes, so do our children and oh so quickly.

I’m gonna get off my soapbox and give you a few things to do outside or for Easter and will have many more in the next few weeks.

I am going to borrow some good ideas from Spring Activities For Kids | POPSUGAR Family from their 50 Things to do with your kids this Spring.

Host a paper plane flying contest, grow a garden (I mentioned this last week), chalk-drawn art show-take photos of the masterpieces, and hang them in your child’s room, make mud pies, splash in puddles or go sliding in the mud, blow bubbles (For a cheaper bubble mix, simply combine 1/2 cup dishwashing liquid, 2 cups water, and 2 teaspoons sugar in a bucket. Have the kids use objects around the house to see what sort of shapes they can create), play and sing in the rain, go fishing (you can build your own lake using a blowup pool and magnetic fish), fly a kite, go for a walk and discover things, Finger painting is so last season! Fill their water guns with paint and see what kind of masterpieces they create, play hopscotch again, play freeze tag, play Frisbee- whether you play Kan Jam or regular frisbee, teach your kids the art of the flying disc this Spring, look for 4-leaf clovers, pick weeds with your kids, or just play catch whether it be with a baseball, softball, tennis ball or any other ball.

You can visit the entire website to look at all 50, but I tried to pick what would probably be most relevant for our local communities.

Let me know any ideas you have or what you would like to see and I’ll get right on it for you. Email me at [email protected]

Remember to be kind and love each other and continue to set a good example for our children. See you next week with new ideas and ways to help your children.

Use water guns with paint and paint masterpieces. water guns with paint and paint masterpieces.

Splash and Play in the rain and mud. and Play in the rain and mud.

By Kimberly Jenkins

[email protected]

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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