Kim’s Korner: COVID this year’s Grinch

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

Ugly Sweater contests, office parties, family gatherings and school Christmas activities & parties -OUT! What a sad time we have reached for this holiday. As a kid in school, I remember being so excited to be at school during the month of December. Most of us looked forward to concerts or shows with verses to be remembered and then, who didn’t look forward to the Christmas parties with your friends at school?

Unfortunately, the Scrooge or Grinch this year is COVID 19. We tried to keep him away, but he is here in full force with unbelievable high numbers, taking away all of the Christmas things we look forward to away. I know that you parents have had to do so much to keep the kiddos from losing hope and you have all tried to not let them miss out on as much as possible since March. And yet, here it is Christmas time and once again, you have got to get creative and do things that are COVID safe and most of you have had to let them down again with the fact that even being with our loving relatives is not going to happen this year.

As I have been searching for things for you to do, I also was quite downhearted at the things that I found that would be impossible for you and your kids to do to make this holiday fun for all. I have done my best, but I know nothing can take the place of spending time with all your loved ones, not just the family that you live with. The positive of all of this is that I think that we have all realized just how important our family and close friends are to our lives. We have taken them for granted and not appreciated the time we have had with them, with no restrictions and lots of fun.

The good news is the hope that 2021 will have to be better. The promise of a vaccine is on the horizon, but time is still against us. We will have some time in 2021 in order to protect ourselves and those we love. Most of us wish for our children, a time without masks and social distancing even while at school and sometimes even at home. We want our kids, now that they have learned to appreciate their grandparents or anyone significant in their lives, we want them to look forward to getting to visit with them and give them hugs and a type of love that just can’t be shared by video chats and phone calls.

Let’s look forward to bringing our children’s lives back to a semblance of normalcy, where they can laugh and play with their friends and appreciate the time that they get to do that. Will our children ever be the same, maybe or maybe not, but we can try to hold everything together for them keeping them from not being happy and just you are not alone in this Grinch Stole Christmas year of 2020. So many of you have sacrificed so much this year. You have become not only your children’s caretaker and parent, but you have all become your children’s teacher, many of you twice now, you have had to keep that job up and running and most of you have still been trying to do all that and still trying to keep your own outside job together. I know many of you are discouraged in many ways, but hang in there and try to make this Christmas the best you can with what has been dealt to all of us. Hang in there and know you are not alone and hopefully this time next year, Christmas will be the best you have ever had with your kids.

This week when you are gathered around the tree, why not use a stocking and have everyone write short notes of what they look forward to next Christmas and put that stocking away with all the other holiday decorations to open around the tree next year and see what has changed or happened.

Let me know any ideas you have or what you would like to see and I’ll get right on it for you. Email me at [email protected]

Remember to be kind to each other and continue to set a good example for our children they need us so much right now especially during this unusual holiday time. See you all next week!

By Kimberly Jenkins

[email protected]

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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