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By Kimberly Jenkins -

Make a Christmas Eve box for something to do together and fun on Christmas Eve.

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Just like the traditional song, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ tradition not matter what it is, is one of the best things we can give our children during this holiday season. They can give them something to look forward to in the next year and show them the promise that things are going to get better and we can have things to look forward to in the future. I spent some time trying to find different traditions while keeping in mind that they need to stay within your own family, as going to other places at this time seems to note possible. Some of them were from ideas I found and others were ones I may have changed some to make them work for this year. I hope you find some that you would like to and share with your family.

Some of the traditions I liked and thought I’d share:

Make a Christmas Eve box (they get to open it on Christmas Eve). They get new PJs (to wear that night). a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, snacks for the movie, etc. This would be an awesome tradition.

Have a “crazy dinner,” go to the store, give everyone $3 to $7 to spend on any food they want, come home and prepare the food and eat it maybe under Christmas lights and candlelight.

Have everyone in the family make a Christmas ornament for someone else in the family (draw names or just decide) and reveal them and put them on the tree Christmas Eve.

Have a Christmas Talent Show, it can be serious or it can be great fun like ‘I can stand on my head for one minute.’ Get created on these and enjoy.

Have a Christmas ‘Hide and Seek’ each person in the family hides things in the tree or around the house and post the list of things hidden and by whom, and see who can find the most.

Since parties are out this year, how about having your family make an ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ they can use an old sweater or shirt and just things you have no buying of things to decorate and possibly wear them on a day when everyone is home.

Have everyone write a list of things they would give to others in need and why, if they had a certain amount of money like $1,000 and share them on Christmas Eve making this a great way to teach giving to others. It may not be real, but the thought can be nice and special.

Participate in a Secret Santa -Although the origin of this fun tradition seems to be unclear, it’s a sort of gift exchange that typically occurs in offices. How does it work exactly? Participants select a name at random (usually out of a hat), then shop for a small present—typically under $20 or so—for that person. The concept is similar, but in these cases, participants draw gifts blindly out of a bag, trading prizes until the game concludes with the last pick.

18. Play the Right/Left passing game. This can be created differently by you but the best idea I saw was, buy a bunch of candy bars or candy at the store and wrap them each individually. Then, play Christmas songs and then stop and the people get that candy. Everyone can be in this game.

Have the kids young and old decorate the kitchen table for a meal together and have them cover it until the meal to surprise you.

Make sure to take photos of the events you do together during this season, and then after the new year during the long winter months, have them make a Christmas collage to look at next year. And see what has changed and how different things are then.

Make a Christmas Video what fun that can be to watch next year. You can make this video throughout the entire season or just on Christmas Eve or Day.

When so much is uncertain this year, making traditions can bring things back into perspective and give the entire family things to look forward to in the future. Have fun making memories with your family with new traditions.

Hope you can use some of these to help your children young and older, see that this holiday season can still be fun.

Let me know any ideas you have or what you would like to see and I’ll get right on it for you. Email me at

Remember to be kind to each other and continue to set a good example for our children they need us so much right now. See you all next week!

Make a Christmas Eve box for something to do together and fun on Christmas Eve. a Christmas Eve box for something to do together and fun on Christmas Eve. Courtesy Photo

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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