Shawnee State University’s Etiquette Dinner helps prepare students

Staff report

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio — Earlier this semester, Shawnee State University’s Office of Career Services & Workforce Development hosted their annual Etiquette Dinner to advise those students looking to sharpen their skills in professional dinner formats.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” said Angela Duduit, Director of Career Services & Workforce Development. “We want to prepare our students to knock it out of the park the first time. Many times a meal is an extension of a job interview, and we want to ensure our students are able to put their best foot forward.”

Held each year, the event covers etiquette on dining, greetings, conversations, dress, and more. This year’s etiquette dinner showed a different set up than students were used to as students were seated at opposite ends of tables to ensure social distance. Presenting during the event, Nancy Goplerud, Aladdin Food Services Director shared additional information about COVID etiquette including information on how to dress and behave during video calls. The Career Services staff incorporated her research into how etiquette can play a part not just in dining but in their everyday career.

“A knowledge of business and social etiquette gives our students the competitive edge in their business life,” said Duduit, emphasizing how real-life experience helps students prepare more for these situations. “It’s something they can use to make their job interview – and careers – more successful.”

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Staff report